Please feel free to telephone and discuss your therapy needs without charge.

Initial assessment session from £125

This session will vary in time and complexity for different children but will involve taking a case history, additional information from nursery/school as appropriate and informal and/or formal assessment. This includes a short report. A more detailed report if needed will be offered pro rata at the therapy session rate.

Therapy session £75

A therapy session will usually last between 45 minutes to one hour. This is the time spent with your child and family. The fee also includes time spent outside the session in planning, preparation of materials and liaising with other professionals. It will always include what you can do to help your child offered in a way that works for you such as demonstration, written reminders or video.

Meetings in schools or with other professionals £75

If therapy is at home, ad-hoc school liaison or multi-agency meetings may be required.


Travel is free within 5 mile radius of CV37 6UH. Subsequent miles are charged at 50p/mile.