The children


After the death of his father Tugume had to take on huge responsibilities as eldest of his brothers. His mother was and is still unemployed leaving the family with no money which meant Tugume would have to search for ways to find food for them each day. In 2010 he and his brothers entered the secondary school program after Lilly Uganda was introduced to their desperate situation.

Tugume has shown himself to be a very academic child and is excelling at secondary school. Whilst the pressures he faced are behind him and he is now able to enjoy his childhood he still shows a natural aptitude for being a leader and caring for others. His dream is to become a lawyer as he is determined to fight corruption within Uganda.


Maggie is a remarkable young lady who has a strong determination to take every opportunity she is given to shape a brilliant future for herself. She has such a caring nature that all the children at Rafiki House look up to her as their older sister.

Maggie was one of the first children to begin secondary school in 2011 and she has continued to achieve exceptional grades in all subjects. Her dream is to become a doctor as she loves to care for others.


Ronald has a great sense of humour and loves to make people laugh. Whilst he wants to become a mechanic, he also dreams of being a rap artist and often bursts into song which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

After his grandmother’s death, Ronald went to live with his aunt Betty. His aunt cares for six children, some her own, but mostly nephews and nieces whose parents have died or left them with her. She was struggling to fund his education and has very little space for all of the family and so requested that Ronald be cared for at Rafiki House. Ronald has settled in very well and loves having the space at Rafiki House for playing football.

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