As you’ll have read earlier in ‘Our Story So Far’, we have now successfully resettled each of the children back with their relatives. Most of the families we support have lost one or both parents which meant they felt an orphanage was the only option in order to keep their child fed and in school. However, we have established the Family Support Programme to ensure that the children can live with their families during the school holidays but still receive everything they need to have a healthy childhood

After many years eating a poor diet and often just one meal a day the children all now receive highly nutritious food both when at boarding school and when they return home. Food packages are available for each child during the school holidays, to ensure that the relatives do not have to worry about having another mouth to feed but can simply enjoying having their child home.

We provide medical care to all of the children when they fall sick. This is such a vital fund as in the past children have needed treatment for life threatening illnesses, such as malaria and meningitis, which their relatives would not have been able to afford.

When resettling some of the children we discovered that not all relatives had a roof over their heads and could therefore not have their child return home at that time. In order to support these families, we subsidise their rent of so that they can provide a place for their children to live.

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