Our team

Aimee Perry, Co-Founder

My first trip to Uganda blew me away! Getting to know the amazing personalities of each of the children was such a privilege. Since that first trip we have had an amazing journey building Lilly Uganda in the UK thanks to such generous support from our local community. Seeing the eldest three children begin secondary school in 2011 has to be one of my best memories. My role at Lilly mainly consists of organising the events, coordinating volunteers and building school partnerships.

Charlotte Mihailovic, Co-Founder

When we visited Uganda back in 2010 it didn’t take long for Aimee and I to realise that it would always be a part of our lives. Seeing the dedication the children all have to their studies and the huge dreams they have for their futures inspired us to fundraise when we got back to the UK. One of my highlights was taking my husband Simon on his first trip to Uganda where we shared our wedding celebrations with the children. My role as Treasurer at Lilly Uganda means that I take care of all the finances. This seemed the natural job for me to take on as for my day job I work as an accountant in London.

Lilly Uganda | registered charity number 1142006

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