Our team

In the UK

In the UK we have our founders Aimee and Charlotte, as well as fellow trustees Ollie and Shirley. Between them they plan out the fundraising events each year, keep supporters updated on the charities work, manage the charity accounts and work with the team in Uganda to organise the logistics of the various projects.

In Uganda

Maggie and Gertrude are sisters and they are two of the eldest students in the Lilly Uganda family. Maggie graduated as an accountant in 2021 and now works as a finance manager. Gertrude is currently studying accountancy at university.

For the last few years they have delivered all of the logistics for the projects in Uganda. Whether it is accompanying one of the children to a medical appointment, collecting school supplies or helping with university applications, they are able to use their own experience and knowledge to support the day to day running of the charity.

Jesca is mother to Cathey, one of the Lilly students. Jesca runs her own food shop just outside of the city. In recent years we have been funding family support packages for the children to take home with them in the school holidays (in term time they attend boarding school.) These contain all of the food they need so that there is no financial cost to them living at home with their loved ones. Jesca supplies these packages and manages the logistics of getting them to each child.

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