The cost of education increases considerably at secondary level which sadly means only 20-30% of children in Uganda have the opportunity to finish their studies. All of the children are very aware of how fortunate they are to be given this chance and therefore take their education very seriously, regarding it as a privilege. This has meant they haven’t been fased by the intense school schedule beginning at 4am each day .

Since establishing the charity in 2010 our primary aim has been to help vulnerable children, who would otherwise not have the opportunity, gain a full and high standard of education. We currently support 30 children through the education programme, paying their school fees from primary level up to college, as we believe that gaining a full education will provide them with the best chance in life.

We work with two secondary schools in Uganda; St Augustine’s College and Kalagala High School and one primary school, Happy Years. They are all highly ranked boarding schools just outside of Kampala.

Lilly Uganda | registered charity number 1142006

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