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Via del Santo, 33 - Padova, Italy.

Phone Number: + 39 049 827 4327

Email: leonardo.madio (at) unipd.it

Foscolo Europe Research Fellow, University of Padova

I am affiliated to:

Previously, at TSE (postdoc), CORE Universitè catholique de Louvain (postdoc), University of York (Ph.D).

Up to mid-April, I am visiting ESMT Berlin.

I am an applied microeconomist. My research primarily relates to digital markets and platform ecosystems. In the past, I worked on projects related to transport economics.

I co-organize the joint Digital Economics Seminar and I am a member of the DaTEPP Lab (Data Technology and Economics for Public Policy lab) of the Department of Economics and Management at UNIPD.

Upcoming Talks

  • Invited Seminar @ Universitat de Barcelona (23/02)

  • MACCI Annual Conference, Mannheim (24-25/03)

  • 13th Paris Conference on Digital Economics (31/03-01/04)

The joint Digital Economics Seminars are coorganized by DATEPP Unipd, Louvain Economics of Digitization and Paris Economics of Digitization.

The activities of the DaTEPP Lab aim at understanding the functioning of digital markets, reinforcing the knowledge of economic phenomena using state-of-the-art data analytics, and offering tools for public policies.

The NEAT (North-Eastern Applied Theory) Seminars is a joint initiative of scholars in Padova and Venice, with seminars held locally at the two locations and online, on topics in economic theory, or with an interest in theory-driven applications and experiments.