I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). Prior to TSE, I was awarded the FSR "Move-In" Postdoctoral Fellowship at CORE - Universitè catholique de Louvain and I obtained a Ph.D. from the University of York.

Since 2018, I am affiliated to the:

In November 2020, I will join the University of Padova as Research Fellow - Foscolo Europe grant holder of the Unicredit Foundation.

My interest of research concern the digital markets and regulation of new markets. My research focuses on exclusive contracts between marquee sellers and digital platforms, the data market and privacy regulation, user-generated content, and platform liability in multi-sided markets. I am also interested in the unintended effects of public policies and regulation of emerging markets (e.g., cannabis market). In the past, I worked on projects related to transport economics.

Contact details:

Email: leonardo.madio (at) tse-fr.eu

Star Attraction

With my coauthors Elias Carroni and Shiva Shekhar, we released an opinion piece on exclusive deals and vertical mergers in platforms following our working paper "Superstars in two-sided markets: exclusives or not?".

Please have a look.

LED Online Seminars

The Louvain Economics of Digitization Online Seminar seris will be back in September, 2020.

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