Light cannabis and organized crime. Evidence from (unintended) liberalization in Italy, with V. Carrieri and F. Principe. European Economic Review, 113, 63–76, (2019).

Our take on // Top 10 Social Media Article at EER // [Preprint].Media Coverage: ANSA; Business Insider; Repubblica; Wired; AGI; Open; Affari Italiani; TPI; Lettera43; Fuoriluogo; RADIO24; Newz; VICE

Intra- and inter-regional commuting. Assessing the role of wage differentials, with A.S. Bergantino. Papers in Regional Science, 98(2), 1085-1114 (2019).


Working Papers

(Almost) Submitted Working Papers

Selected for the Distinguished Affiliate Award at CESifo "Economics of Digitization" 2018. // Nominated for the Antitrust Writing Award 2019. // Featured Article by CESifo.Status: under review. Last Updated: February 2019Non technical report on Liverpool Insights 2019/2.Status: under review. Last Updated: February 2019Status: revised and resubmitted to Health Economics. Last Updated: May 2019 (available upon request)Status: in preparation for the submission. Last Updated: April 2019.Our take on // Media coverage: Business Insider; Corriere di Calabria;
  • High-Speed rail, inter-modal substitution and willingness to pay, with A.S. Bergantino.
Status: under review. Last Updated: December 2018


  • Effects of Ad-Blockers Adoption on Digital Piracy: A Blessing or a Curse? (with B. Datta)
Sir Alec Cairncross Prize, Scottish Economic Society Conference.Status: to be finalized. (available upon request)
  • Content providers in a multi-piracy ecosystem.
Status: to be finalized. (available upon request)
  • Platform investments in two-sided markets.
Status: to be finalized. (available upon request)

Works in Progress

  • Customer information, price competition and market leadership, with Y. Gu and C. Reggiani.
  • User-generated content, strategic moderation, and advertising, with M. Quinn.
  • Dominant platform and strategic sponsorship, with F. Ciotti.