* Projects started before 2016.

Do-it-Yourself medicine? The impact of (unintended) light cannabis liberalization on prescription drugs

with V. Carrieri and F. Principe. Journal of Health Economics. (2020).Our take on Media coverage: Business Insider; HempIndustrydaily; Corriere di Calabria; TheGreenEntrepeneur, CannabisNow; TheHighTimes; The Health Economists' Blog;[Non-technical summary] [IZA Working Paper]

Light cannabis and organized crime. Evidence from (unintended) liberalization in Italy

with V. Carrieri and F. Principe. European Economic Review. (2019). Our take on - Top 3 Social Media Article at EER Media Coverage: ANSA; Business Insider; Repubblica; Wired; AGI; Open; Affari Italiani; TPI; Lettera43; Fuoriluogo; RADIO24; HempIndustrydaily; VICE (2019); VICE (2020) IlSecoloXIX; The Vision; Reuters, // Wikipedia Entry.

Vaccine hesitancy and (fake) news: Quasi-experimental evidence from Italy,

with V. Carrieri and F. Principe. Health Economics. (2019). Most Downloaded Articles at Health Economics. Media Coverage: The Health Economists' Blog. Corriere del Trentino. Comminit (Canada) // Wikipedia Entry.

*Intra- and inter-regional commuting. Assessing the role of wage differentials

with A.S. Bergantino. Papers in Regional Science. (2019).

*Intermodal competition and substitution. HSR versus air transport: understanding the socio-economic determinants of modal choice*

with A.S. Bergantino. Research in Transportation Economics. Special Issue: Air Transport Markets, Strategies and Policies (2020).

Policy Papers

The economics of platform liability

with Y. Lefouili. TSE Digital Center Policy Papers Series February 2021.

Working Papers

Superstar exclusivity in two-sided markets

with E. Carroni and S. Shekhar. Last Updated: January 2021. SUBMITTED
Selected for the Distinguished Affiliate Award at CESifo "Economics of Digitization" 2018. Nominated for the Antitrust Writing Award 2019. CESifo Featured Article, April 2019.[TSE Working Paper] [SSRN] [Non-technical summary] [Expert Opinion for Compass Lexecon]

Exclusive data, price manipulation and market leadership

with Y. Gu and C. Reggiani. Last Updated: December 2020. SUBMITTED
[CESifo Featured Article, November 2019] [Non-technical summary] [CESifo Summary] [Presentation @ MACCI/EPoS]

Data brokers co-opetition

with Y. Gu and C. Reggiani. Last Updated: January 2021. SUBMITTED
[Non-technical summary at Liverpool Insights 2019/2] [SSRN]

Tacit collusion and capacity constraints

with A. Pignataro. Last Updated: January 2021. SUBMITTED

Content moderation and advertising in social media platforms

with M. Quinn. Last Updated: February 2021. NEW VERSION COMING SOON
8th Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award for Young Researchers by Centro Einaudi 2020.

Platform duality and network externalities

with A. Gautier and S. Shekhar. Last Updated: January 2021 (Preliminary).
[TSE Video Talk]

Platform investments in two-sided markets

Last Updated: February 2019.

Work in progress

Platform liability and innovation

with D-S. Jeon and Y. Lefouili

Swimming with or against the stream? Understanding competition in the streaming industry

with P. Belleflamme and D. Paolini

Heterogeneity in retail prices during and beyond the Great Lockdown. Evidence from Belgium

with J. Hindriks and V. Serse

Competition under prominence

with F. Ciotti.

Effects of ad-blockers adoption on digital piracy: a blessing or a curse?

with B. Datta