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Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova

Via del Santo, 33 - Padova, Italy. 

Phone Number: + 39 049 827 4327

Email: leonardo.madio (at) unipd.it

Foscolo Europe Unicredit & Universities Research Fellow, University of Padova

Prior to Padova, I held positions at TSE (postdoc), CORE - Universitè catholique de Louvain (postdoc), and York (Ph.D).  Between 2022 and 2023, I held visiting positions at ESMT Berlin and TSE (Visiting Associate Professor).

My research interests are in the field of Industrial Organization and Digital Economics. I am currently working on platform governance of quality and innovation, as well as price and algorithmic transparency in online marketplaces. I am also interested in Public Economics and the unintended effects of public policies.

My research has been published in Management Science, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, European Economic Review, amongst others. 

I  co-organize the (monthly) joint Digital Economics Seminar and the IBEO Conference in Alghero (Sardinia) - Digital Economics Session (June, 30 - July 1).

I am also affiliated to:

NEW July, The paper "Privacy regulation and quality-enhancing innovation" with Y. Lefouili (TSE) and Y. L. Toh (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City) has been accepted for publication @ The Journal of Industrial Economics

NEW August, The paper "Who supports liberal policies? A tale of two referendums in Italy" with F. Principe (Bergamo) has been accepted for publication @ Economics Letters

Platform Papers blog: have a look at our blog post on "Jump-Starting Network Effects. The Role of Superstar Exclusivity" (with Elias Carroni and Shiva Shekhar)