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Via del Santo, 33 - Padova, Italy. 

Phone Number: + 39 049 827 4327

Email: leonardo.madio (at) unipd.it

Foscolo Europe Unicredit & Universities Research Fellow, University of Padova

Prior to Padova, I held positions at TSE (postdoc), CORE - Universitè catholique de Louvain (postdoc), and York (Ph.D).  Between 2022 and 2023, I held visiting positions at ESMT Berlin and TSE

I am affiliated to:

I am an applied microeconomist combining theory and empirics to study (mostly) digital markets, platform ecosystems, and competition policy. My current areas of research are:

I  co-organize the (monthly) joint Digital Economics Seminar and the IBEO Conference in Alghero (Sardinia) - Digital Economics Session (June, 30 - July 1).