Leisure Owners Association

Since 1982, the Leisure Owners Association has represented the interests of Leisure yacht owners and provided a platform for  Leisure owners to exchange views and ideas on how to maintain and sail these remarkably robust yachts. 

A team of volunteers manage the Association. All funds raised are used solely to improve the experience of Leisure yacht owners worldwide.

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Leisure Yachts

Leisure Yachts

See details of all Leisure Yachts, their specifications and orginal brochures

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains a wealth of information, gathered over 40 years, on how to sail, maintain and repair your yacht. 

The information in the Knowledge Base has been gathered from articles in the Association magazines and website Forum postings.

Technical Questions & Yachts For Sale

Leisure Owners Facebook Page    

To post a question or a request for technical help about a Leisure Yacht, use the LOA Facebook Page. 

Whatever your problem, you can be sure that over the last 40 years, another member has tried to find a solution. 

The Forum and Leisure Yachts For Sale

At present the old Forum remains available for members  who joined the Leisure Association before 1st May 2024.

Owners Manuals

Leisure Owners Manuals

Owners Manuals are available for the L17, L23 and the L27/29.


LeisureTime Magazine

LeisureTime (earlier Saltings), the Association's magazine, has been published  regularly for many years and the editions covering the last 10 years  are available on here.

Spare Parts and Moulds 

Spare Parts and Moulds 

Contact Hurst Marine who have supported Leisure Yacht Owners for many years and provide both mouldings and spare parts. such as  skegs,  rudders,tillers,  tiller head castings. and hatch hinges for Leisure Yachts.

Become a Member

Become a Member

Registered Association members receive notice of events and meetings,  both local and national.  Members also receive the Annual Report of the Association and may take part in the Annual General Meeting, held by video. 

NB: LOA Members who registered before May 1st 2024 need not register again.

Leisures - Small Yachts, Big Voyages

Leisures - Small Yachts - Big Voyages

History and Timeline

History & Timeline

The full story from the early beginnings in 1967 when Brian Meerloo founded Cobramold at the site of Stansted Airport, to the company liquidation in 1980  and the catastrophic  fire at Brinecraft in 1990