Broke Plantita Ground

Featured at El Comalito Collective's Ser Muxer Exhibit (2018).

The first is a photograph of my great grandmother and her friend (taken by an unknown photographer) who ran their own business. They broke ground and laid the path I walk on today. My lola (grandmother) gave me access to the negatives and I transferred film onto 8x10 glass. Glass is a mix of sand, salt, heat, and compression and that recipe is a reflection of their blood, tears, heart, and pressures of being a womxn in the Phillipines as a colonized country.

The second photograph is myself and Sarita who is my chingonx/hociconx homegirl who has paved way for latinx artist in the theatre. The faces in the photograph are two ways a latinx woman can look, I transferred a digital self-portrait of us onto 8x10 glass to show the different faces of powerful latinx womxn not only surviving, but flourishing and continuing to break new ground by walking on unstable sand, shedding salt, bringing heat, and managing pressures; all the elements used to make glass.