Prof. Laura Po

Associate Professor, PhD

"Enzo Ferrari" Engineering Department

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia 

Via Pietro Vivarelli, 10 int. 1 


Office: 1st floor, building 27 (01-a19 ) 

Phone: +39 059 205 6255

Mobile: +39 349 4240131

Email: laura.po  at  

Who I am

I'm a Web and Data Science researcher based in Modena, Italy.  Since 2020, I am an Associate Professor at the "Enzo Ferrari" Engineering Department of the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia.

My research interests include Big Data Management and Visualization, Web and Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence techniques, Knowledge and Ontology Design, Word Sense Disambiguation, Data Stream Management, Linked (open) data, Open Government and Smart Cities. 

I am a member of the Board of the International Doctoral School in ICT of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and a member of two Interdepartmental Research Centers at UNIMORE: DHMore on Digital Humanities and AIRI, the Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovation Center.

I am co-founder and member of the Scientific Committee of DataRiver srl; the Spin-Off designs and develops solutions for data integration using techniques from research in the field of the Semantic Web.

I am currently involved in two big national research projectLively Ageing and Ecosystem for Sustainable Transition of Emilia Romagna. I led the European Project "TRAFAIR - Understanding Traffic Flows to Improve Air quality" co-financed by INEA CEF Telecom as part of the call CEF-TC-2017-3 Public Open Data [2018-2021] and have been involved in the European Project Re-search Alps [2017-2019] ( co-financed by INEA CEF Telecom as part of the call CEF-TC-2016-2 Public Open Data where I lead Task 1.1 "Survey, collection and analysis of the available date". 

I wrote more than 60 publications in scientific journals and international conference proceedings.

I received the title of Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and Science from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia on 13th February 2009. The title of my PhD thesis was “Automatic Lexical Annotation: an effective technique for dynamic data integration”. 

Research Expertise

Big data, machine learning, NLP, traffic modelling, digital twin, NLP, event detection, sensors data streams analysis, time series, graph analytics