Games won against level 10 imported to for analysis

Game 65 uploaded to lichess

Game 63 uploaded to lichess

Game 62 uploaded to lichess

Game 61 uploaded to lichess

Game 60 uploaded to lichess

Game 58 uploaded to lichess

Game 50 uploaded to lichess

Finished a game 64 I started in lichess

Finished in with a victory but...

Game 64 uploaded back to lichess

lichess analysis always ends in a draw if you take its suggested moves. Does show some mistakes 10 made. However, if you make your own moves, you can still win if you have an advantage. is more fun to play against. I think they both use Stockfish 8 in game mode, Stockfish 10 for analysis. Beating Stockfish 8 is still good as it is rated 2600. I notice there is some difference style. picks different openings to play than lichess. However, I see GMs making some pretty bad mistakes lately. And in rapid chess, they can't do much calculation. So playing mostly by intuition and memory of past games.