Chess Games

14. computer level 6 (I won as Black--no quarter given)

Guardian News: Magnus missed the win today

Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen 11-9-18

So many errors! Black could have won.

Analysis of Game 2 of Carleson v Caruana 11-10-18

GM Alex Yermolinsky (Uncle Yermo) brings you the post-game analysis!

Adadmator video on the same WCC game 2.

Agadmator analysis video showing how Magnus lost by pushing it when it was even.

A cool game by Din Li Ren

20.5 A fairly easy win against level 6 11-14-18

Tonight I will try level 10 again.

23. At last a win against 10. Yes!

Went back and changed a move in game 22 to get a winning advantage. In the end, black was reduced to a King. I love to take all the pieces.

Controversial game 6 of WCC--Agadmator video

Soul of Silicon | Caruana vs Carlsen 2018. | Game 8

Caruana played R d1 to prepare for Nc4. Game ended in draw. Caruana is not risking enough to win.

24. 10. Sicilian Defense Canal Attack 11-19-18

25. An arduous victory against level 10 11-20-18

Stockfish vs. Komodo. Video by @agadmator

Magnus vs Fabiano Game 9 wcc 2018

Looks like this will be a drawn game and match.

Video: Magnus Carlsen Beats Kasparov's Slav Defense --Almost (Magnus Carlsen vs Garry Kasparov)

An interesting game, when Magnus Carlsen was only 13 years old.

Throwing Punches | Carlsen vs Caruana 2018. | Game 9

Carlsen vs Caruana (Game 9 Analysis) | World Chess Championship 2018

27. Yea! My 3rd win against 10, 11-22-18

Traded rooks and used split pawns to win the end game with a King attack. Stockfish can't count.

Video: Skype | Caruana vs Carlsen 2018. | Game 10

Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen Game 10

Magnus tries for a win with black but result is another draw. A good game.

28. My 4th win against 10 11-23-18

Played against the Sicilian Defense: Kan, Knight Variation, Wing Attack, 6.Bd3 Qb6 7.Nb3

Keys to winning this game: exchange dark square bishops (can never win endgame if black has B-pair), 18. Be7, using knights and pawns to close the game restricting black to 1/3 of board, opening up black's defense with triple threat on black knight with 52. Qc1 forcing black to give up exchange on 52. ... Rb6, capturing passed pawn on 65 Qb4, getting a protected knight entrenched on 67. Nf6, so it was a forced mate at the end, white winning! When you replay it, it looks easy, but it was difficult to figure out how to open up the Q side. Playing a high level Stockfish is very educational.

30. My 5th win against 10 11-24-18

Revisted the French Defense to get a win for white. 12. c3 was needed to hold on to the center pawn. 23. fc3 takes with the pawn because all you need is 2 pawn on the king side when black has a double pawn. 2 can stop 3. Also I wanted to avoid R getting pinned. 30. ed4 and the K's pawn moves all the way to the Q side! 35. g4, always advance your pawns as far as you can in the end game. 46. Kb4 and the passed pawn is ready to push. 52. Kd5, now head for the king side to take all black's remaining pawns and win convincingly! Easy peasy. Don't take Stockfish's advice in the end game. It will more often than not give away your pawns and then you can only get a draw. You can consider it's recommendation but think for yourself!

11th game of WCC. Are they just pretending to play a chess match?

Alt version of WCC 11 with Stockfish playing both sides with 16... Pxg6 instead.

Played several variations of this, all ending in a draw. White basically has a weak opening and so needs to exchange everything to get a draw. Magnus needs to come up with a much stronger opening next time.

32. My 6th victory over 10 11-25-18

I pushed all the pawns to open up the board. King's Indian game. Got bishop ahead and used King, Bishop, and Rook against a Rook to push a pawn to victory. Black's strategy was to collect pawns and had a massive pawn advantage, but they all fell in the end. Stockfish made a mistake in end game here as alternative endings lead to a draw.

33. Eighth win over 10 using London System. 11-25-18

An interesting game. 6. d5 is important to grab a lot of space. 8, Bg5 is a cute maneuver to tempt black to open up K-side pawns, never mind eventual capture of B on g3. Always take with h pawn. 36 ... Rf8 not clever considering good position of other white rook to take pawns. Major flaw for black is his K way of on the side, away from the pawn action! So eventually white promotes.

DeepMind's AlphaZero on Carlsen-Caruana Games 1, 3, 5 & 8 (Sicilian Defence)

Video: UNDEFEATED OPENING? | GM Aman Hambleton

35. Playing Magnus position (w/Fabiano) after 31. against Stockfish 10

Black wins, but not so easily. There were 170 moves to checkmate. Magnus' offer of a draw was thus justified. Even though slightly ahead, Magnus had no clear path to winning. I took some of Stockfish suggestions for black, but if I took all as it would have been a draw.

Stockfish always draws when playing itself in a near even position, less than a 1.5 point advantage. If the advantage is pure material, with a 3 point advantage, such as queen vs 2 bishops, Stockfish may still draw playing itself. Most people rate a N and B as both 3. But if you have a bishop pair, that pair is probably worth 7.5, just a little less than a queen, 9. In the end game it is nearly impossible to win instead of draw if your opponent has a B-pair. By the same token, a N pair is probably worth 6.5 as they can protect each other, while a B and N is worth 6.

In this WCC game 12, Fabiano was running out of time, only 8 minutes for 9 moves, and Magnus was clearly thinking on both players time. Magnus is a much faster thinker and is confident of winning the tie break. Perhaps Magnus did not want to see Fabiano blunder because of time. Magnus is a nice guy and they are not enemies. Some people are rooting for Fabiano because he is an American. I have no such bias. I do not consider country of origin, only playing ability and courteous behavior .

Video: Tired of All the Draws? Check This Out

Ready for another draw?

Arriving at same pieces left over now as my game 35 above. 4:58pm EST 11-27-18

Now it looks drawn. Ethereal did not know how to win the ending. 5:15 pm

Buth stockfish trying for a win. But can it take three connected pawns with a rook?

Still a draw. 5:24 pm. Draw by repetition called 5:26 pm.

Video: Nerves of Steel | Carlsen vs Caruana 2018. | Game 1 RAPID

Video: Such Elegance | Caruana vs Carlsen 2018. | Game 2 RAPID

Video: There Can Be Only One! | Carlsen vs Caruana 2018. | Game 3 RAPID

One, Two, Three...Magnus is still the champ!

So drawing the twelves games was a rational choice, as Magnus knew he could easily win the rapids. Better not to risk too much, and you do need to take risks to win at chess when your opponent is very good. Winning is everything after all if you are world champion. You do not really want to risk your title just to please the critics.

2012 CBS video: World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen stays number one

Video: Magnus Carlsen Beats Kasparov's Slav Defense 😱 ... Almost (Magnus Carlsen vs Garry Kasparov)

36. Ninth win against level 10

Video: Speed Demon Wins It All | Nakamura vs So | Speed Chess Championship 2018.

38. My tenth win over level 10!

Hey! This stuff is not easy. But it is a lot of fun. Started with Queen Pawn Mason Attack but that was just the beginning.

Video: Google Deepmind AI AlphaZero's Unpublished Brilliancy by Antonio Radić Agadmator

Video: Google Deepmind's AlphaZero Chess Engine Smashes Stockfish With The Dutch by Robert Lee Hess

Video: Engines Suck! | Insane Game Between Šarić & Maghsoodloo | Batumi Chess Olympiad (2018) by Antonio Radić Agadmator

40. 12th win over level 10

In this end game the knight proved superior to the bishop. I used a straightforward strategy here of putting all my pawns on a dark squares and using the K and N to destroy all the black pawns. A beautiful ending!

41. 13th win over level 10

44. 14th win against level 10

A very interesting game. Old Indian Defense. Don't trade automatically if you want to win! After winning the pawn on 41. Qxc5, white just wants to trade queens. As much fun as recent GM games.

45. 10 finishes Deep Blue vs, Kasparov 1997

Kasparov resigned after 46. a6

I let 10 finish the game to see if Gary really would have lost. He would have. Was a lost games several moves earlier. Gary was too passive in this game and kept repositioning his knights. Once white got into the backfield, it was all over.

46. 15th win against level 10. Italian Game.

Analysis said I made 2 inaccuracies and 1 blunder! But I easily won. Very easy game in fact. Computer says it made no mistakes, but then why did it lose? I would say losing a pawn is a mistake. Stockfish does not care enough about its pawns. So go after them! I think 28. .. c5, pushing its pawn 2 spaces only to trade it was a mistake for black. It should have kept more pawns on the dark squares as it had a dark square bishop. White then ate the pawns on the light squares with its light square bishop.

47. finishes Deep Blue vs. Kasparov 1997 Caro-Kann

Kasparov resigned after 19 moves. This shows the continuation to checkmate with Stockfish 9 playing both sides. Obviously Gary was trying to be too fancy here.

7... h6

INACCURACY (+1.70) A better move was 7... Bd6

11. Bf4 b5

INACCURACY (+2.24) A better move was 11... Nh7

47b. Continuation after correct move 7... Bd6. Black wins. Stockfish 9 playing both sides.

So Kasparov should have won if he had played a little bit more accurately. Players have obviously improved since 1997 due to practice with computer chess engines.

Video: How is This Possible? | AlphaZero Shows Us the Way

Video: AlphaZero Plays a Tal Move | Chess Has A Bright Future

Video: We're in the Endgame Now | Google Deepmind AI AlphaZero shows Stockfish a Thing or Two

Video: Google Deep Mind AI Alpha Zero Refutes 1.e4

Video: Bishop Pair from Hell | Artificial Beauty of AlphaZero

48. My 16th win 10 Blumenfeld Counter Gambit

If you take the program suggestions, you can only draw as it only shows you good moves, not the winning ones.

49. Win 17 over 10 Gruenfeld Defense, Russian, Smyslov

Black trades Queen for 2 Rooks. White trades Queen for Rook, but ends up with 2 Queens to checkmate. Interesting game.

Gruenfeld Defense: Russian, Smyslov, Main Line, 9...Nb6 10.Rd1 Nc6 11.d5 Ne5

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Qb3 dxc4 6.Qxc4 O-O 7.e4 Bg4 8.Be3 Nfd7 9.Qb3 Nb6 10.Rd1 Nc6 11.d5 Ne5

White wins 47%, Black 22.9%

50. 18th win over 10, AlphaZero Opening

This is a pretty easy opening to play. A lot of flexibility. Following the AlphaZero idea of pushing pawns and sacrificing a night to push pawns forward.

51. 19th win over level 10

52. Alt Ending game 51

53. 20th win over level 10

Preemptive B g6 causes black to advance pawns weakening king side and launching futile attack with Q that backfires, losing pawns.

54. 21st win against 10

An interesting opening. The queen comes out.

English Opening: King's English Variation.

55. 22nd victory over level 10

English Opening Symmetrical Variation

Automatically simplifying can lose you the game. Complex queen trade here.

56. 23rd win against level 10

King's Indian Defense: Petrosian Variation

57. 24th win over level 10

Old Indian Defense

58. 25th win against level 10

Indian Game: East Indian, Przepiorka Variation, 3...Bg7 4.Bg2 O-O 5.b3 d6 6.Bb2

59. A draw with pawns against B and P

King's Indian Defense

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6

60. 26th win against level 10

Tarrasch Defense: Symmetrical Variation

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5 4.e3 Nf6 5.Nf3 Nc6

Black's attack failed, then just trading off pieces.

Video: A very nice game by a young IM.

61. 27th win playing level 10

Queen's Pawn Opening: Horwitz Defense, 1.d4 e6 2.Bf4

Won the ending with equal pieces. A simple stratagem that Stockfish could not fathom.

62. 28th win 10 Bird's Opening

Stockfish gives up rook exchange for protected passed pawn but then trades off its bishop and gets lost game. You can't defend against rook with just a knight!

63. 29th win 10 Sicilian Alapin

16. f4 and 17. f5 were key moves to pursue the advantage

64. Finished a game 64 I started in lichess

65. 30th win Queens Gambit Declined

When Black loses the analysis always finds lots of errors.

lichess analysis of game 65.

66. 31st win level 10

Benko Gambit Declined

67. 32nd win level 10

68. 33rd win level 10

Queens'Pawn Opening: English Defense 3. e4 Bb7 4. Bd3

Analysis of game 68 on lichess

69. 34th win level 10

Video: Nice lc0 vs Stockfish game

70. 35th win level 10

Lichess analysis of game 70

This looks like fun: Simulation: Alexandra Botez

71. 36th win 10

Lichess analysis of game 71

72. Won playing Chess DB simulator: Alexandra Botez

73. Another win playing Chess DB: Alexandra Botez

74. Third win playing Chess DB simulator: Alexandra Botez

75. Fourth win playing Chess DB simulator: Alexandra Botez

76. Win playing Chess DB: Robert James Fischer

77. Win playing Chess DB: Anish Giri

Black started losing when it gave up its white bishop, having previously traded off its queen. If you trade off your queen, you need to keep both bishops.

78. Win against Chess DB simulator: Alexandra Botez

This game the computer lost because it gave up the knights protecting the King side and the other knight was not protecting either. An unforced error. Really kind of beginner's error.

79. Win against Chess DB simulator: Alexandra Botez

In this game Black was too aggressive and traded off pieces but also gave up pawns doing so, ending up two pawns down in the end game.

80. Another interesting game Chess DB simulator: Robert James Fischer

Made a successful kingside sacrifice attack. You really need to keep enough pieces there to ward this kind of attack off! The Bobby Fischer simulator is the most interesting one on Chess DB. Worth playing for its educational benefit.

81. Another game Chess DB simulator: Robert James Fischer

Black bishop should not have attacked the rook.

82. One more game Chess DB simulator: Robert James Fischer

83. Game against Chess DB simulator: Robert James Fischer

(The Chess DB database messed up and lost my game.)

84. 37th win playing 10

An interesting game in which white has only pawns at the end against a bishop but wins.

85. First victory over lichess Stockfish 8

Yay! (Playing black here.)

86. Second win playing lichess SF8

This was revenge match after a computer lockup in which lichess declared I had resigned! So I replayed this Reversed Sicilian for a solid victory!

87. Win Chess DB simulator: Magnus Carlsen

Supposedly rated at 2900 but easier to beat than the lichess program rated at 2600. Useful for studying this opening, the Benko Gambit.

88. 3rd victory: SF8

Video: Tal beats Fischer 1959

89. 4th win over lichess SF8

A very artistic checkmate.

90. Alt ending for game 89

11. ne5 is what lichess SF10 said was stronger. Played it against the lichess analyzer and still won. Interesting that another analysis of this game finds lots of fault with SF10's previous recommendations on the prior analysis. It is never happy with a loss of course.

91. Win playing against lichess SF8

Inspired by game: Ding LiRen against Michael Adams 3-13-19

Agadmator video of DIng LiRen vs Michael Adams

92. A perfect game against lichess SF8

Agadmador Video: It's Poisoned || Vitiugov vs Duda || Prague Chess Festival (Masters)

93. One more victory over lichess SF8

94. A win with c4 lichess SF8

This more aggressive opening is good to avoid a draw. Finger slipped with a m1#, Rats! so I had to do checkmate a longer way. Lucky no stalemate.

95. Another win with c4 SF8

96. A win with the Polish opening SF8

97. How to play c4! 38th win 10

98. Lichess SF8 played same defense to c4 as game 95

It played same defense as game 95 but with a variation that still lost handily.

99. A long drawn out draw with lichess SF8

100. A draw down to 2 Ks with lichess SF8

Analysis of this c4 opening finds no errors on either side.

101. An easy win playing c4 10

102. Another win c4 playing 10

Not as easy but it won.

103. A draw c4 game against 10 using lichess suggestions

Using lichess analyzer suggestions resulted in a draw. Now I will go back and play it myself to see if I can win. lichess says neither side made any mistakes.

104. Replaying game 103 to win! c4 against 10 without lichess analysis.

Showing that you should never give up your c4 pawn for no reason. Accumulate a pair of pawns for the end game.

105. A c4 win playing 10

106. Another c4 win playing 10

Venturing your queen out too early can be deadly.

107. A good win c4 e5 lichess SF8

This is the variation I really wanted to win!

108. A stronger win 10 with c4 and e5 variation.

109. Another c4 e5 game against lichess SF8 with d4

No errors for white, lots for black, but it always finds errors when it loses.

Now the score with lichess is 13-7-9 so I have won almost twice as often as losing to SF8.

110. Another win against 10 with c4

111. Same game as 110 but correcting one mistake black made -- finished with lichess analyzer moves.

Notice that this game is harder to win because i am basically playing against SF10, and I had to figure out how to avoid the draw by myself.

Analysis of this variation has lichess complaining that another move 17 was inferior, but playing that out leads to a draw by repetition, so any change is more or less a new pretty even game. Can't iterate a game to death. Just have to play a new game. Take it for what it is.

112. Analysis of Ray Robson vs. Hikaru Nakamura.

If you keep hitting the spacebar, the lichess analyzer shows how this game could have been a draw. But start at move 15 and can win for Ray. I admire those who can play good chess in real time, with real people.

113. Another win 10 starting with c4

114. Yet another win 10 with c4

115. One more win level 10 with c4

Navara, David (2739) vs. Carlsen, Magnus (2845) Gashimov Memorial | Shamkir, Azerbaijan | Round 3.3 | 2 Apr 2019 | ECO: B34 | 0-1

116. Another win with c4 - 49th 10

Won in 140 moves. Using the spacebar on move 16 gives a win in 131 moves, so not much difference. My game is more interesting I think. Says I made one mistake on move 40. Taking SF10 alternative produces a win in 111 moves.

117. 50th win against 10 -- c4 opening

So yeah! Once again, hitting space bar after move 14 shows a won game for white. Games are won often by move 14 or 15, even before any errors are detected by the engines.

118. 51rst win 10 -- c4 opening

119. 52nd win 10 -- c4 e5 opening

120. 53rd win 10 -- c4 opening

Benoni defense.

Used lichess analysis (SF10 ) this game after it was clearly a draw to turn it into a win for white.

Video: Ding vs Grischuk Benoni

121. 54th win 10 -- c4 opening

122. 55th win 10 -- c4 opening

Catalan Opening: Open Defense, Classical Line, 6.O-O O-O

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Bg2 dxc4 5.Nf3 Be7 6.O-O O-O

123. 56th win 10 -- c4 e5 opening

English Opening: King's English Variation

1.c4 e5

Black can respond to the English Opening (1.c4) by placing a pawn on the strong central square e5.

This gives Black a good central presence and prepares to develop the Bf8.

Pros: Black creates a good center - Takes control of d4 - Rapid development

Cons: Results in a Sicilian, down a tempo - Allows White to dominate the queenside

124. 57th win 10 c4 e5 opening

I like the way this game was played, very strong for white, pretty. The lichess analysis suggestions lead to a game that is more likely to draw. But I always want to win! To beat the computer!


125. 58th win c4 c6 e4 opening

Exchanging pawns seems to do better. A stronger game.

126. 59th win 10 c4 e6 e4

Not a great opening or game. White wins on Black errors.

127. A short draw. 10

Should have played 4. Be2. Could have won.

128. 60th win 10 c4 e6 e4

A much better game this time. More solid.

129. A very short 61rst win 10 c4 nf6 d4

Find the checkmate!

130. 62nd win 10 d4 d6 e4

A solid game for white.

131. 63rd win 10 d4 nf6 d5

The pawn on d5 eventually queens! Very funny.

132. Fixed bad move by black game 129. White still wins.

133. 64th win 10 d4 nf6 d5

134. 65th win 10 d4 nf6 d5

135. 66th win 10 pirc defense

Suggested by lc0 defeat of stockfish

136. 67th win 10 e4 e6 d4

137. 68th win alt ending game 136

138. 69th win alt ending game 136

139. 70th win alt ending game 136

Only 1 inaccuracy for white here.

140. 71rst win alt ending game 136

bxp -- fixing mistake by black.

141. 72nd win alt ending game 136

Only one inaccuracy for white. Black doesn't make a mistake until move 29.

142. 73rd win 10 e4 c5

Wow! lichess analysis says I played a perfect game.

143. 74th win 10 e4 g6

Benoni Defense, Modern, Pawn Storm, White Wins by Checkmate.

144. 14th win lichess SF8 e4 e5 nf3 nf6

145. 75th win 10 e4 e6 d4 d5 e5

White wins on black mistakes.

146. 76th win 10 Ruy Lopez

147. 77th win 10 Another Ruy Lopez

Alt ending game 147. Only 1 inaccuracy for white.

148. Analysis Game of Carlsen vs Anand 4-22-19 after 10...c6

Shows how white could have won if both castled kingside. See 149 below for a better idea. coverage of Carlsen-Anandgame on 4-22-19

149. How Carlsen could have won his game. (see 148)

This is what gives white a won game is 13. c5. But in actual game this was not played.

You can hit space bar in this SF 10 analyzer to see how white has a won game after 13. c5.

150. 78th win 10 e4 e5 nf3 nf6

Should always play 5. Bd3 and move pawns up for advantage.

151. 79th win 10 after 5. Bd3.

Corrects mistake in game 150 for a faster win, 58 moves to checkmate.

152. 80th win 10 e4

lichess says it is a perfect game for white.

153. 81rst win 10 e4 e5 nf3 nf6

Similar to game 150.

154. 82nd win 10 e4 e5 nf3 nc6

A won game before black makes first mistake on move 36.

155. Carlsen defeats Aronian 4-27-19

This game goes on a long time as equal.

Agadmador Video: I Am Inevitable! || Carlsen vs MVL || Grenke Chess Classic (2019) - FINAL ROUND

156. Magnus Carlsen vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

GRENKE Chess Classic (2019), rd 9, Apr-29

English Opening: Symmetrical Variation. Two Knights Line (A37) · 1-0

After pawn sacrifice on move 10, white has a won game.

157. Peter Svidler blows his chances on move 22.

Peter Svidler vs Magnus Carlsen

GRENKE Chess Classic (2019), Baden-Baden GER, rd 8, Apr-28

Sicilian Defense: Old Sicilian. General (B30) · 0-1

158. 83rd win 10 Sicilian

159. 84th win 10 A perfect Sicilian

No errors for white in this game.

160. 85th win 10 Sicilian

Correcting error for black in game 159.

161. 86th win 10 A perfect Sicilian (for white)

The best variant of game 158.

162. 87th win 10 Sicilian

Move 34. Qa5 is not an inaccuracy. Following advice here would give up the advantage.

163. 88th win 10 Sicilian

Similar game to game 162.

164. 89th win 10 Sicilian

165. 90th win Robatsh (Modern) Defense

An interesting Opening.

166. 91rst win 10 French Defense

167. 92nd win 10 French Defense

168. 93rd win 10 Pirc Defense

169. 94th win 10 Ruy

170. 95th win 10 Ruy Lopez

171. 96th win 10 Sicilian: Bowdler Attack

This was too easy.

172. 97th win 10 Sicilian: Bowdler Attack

A little bit harder.

173. 98th win 10 Sicilian: Bowdler Attack

There are so many lines.

174. 99th win 10: King's Indian, Zinnowitz Variation

Giving up Queens

175. 100th win 10: Sicilian

Hadn't played in a while. Harder to win.

176 . Variation of game 175 correcting computer mistake

177. Variation of game 176 correcting another computer mistake.

178. 101st win 10: Sicilian

179. 102nd win 10: Sicilian

180. 103rd win 10: Sicilian

181. 104th win 10: Sicilian

182. 105th win 10: Philidor

183. 106th win 10: Reti

184. 107th win 10: Reti

185. 108th win 10: Reti

186. 109th win 10: Reti

187. 110th win 10: Reti

188. 111th win 10

189. 112th win 10 variation of 188.

190. 113th win 10

191. 114th win 10

192. 115th win 10

King's Indian 4 Pawns Variation.

193. 116th win 10: Dutch Defense: Leningrad, main line

194. 117th win 10

Slav Defense: Modern, Bonet Gambit 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Bg5

195. 118th win Reti

196. 119th win Reti Sicilian

197. 120th win 10 Reti Sicilian

198. 121rst win 10 Reti

199. 122nd win 10 Reti

200. 123rd win 10 Reti Check out the end game.

201. 124th win 10 Reti

202. 125th win 10 Reti

203. 126th win 10 Reti (new game)

204. 127th win 10 Reti (no errors)

205. 128th win 10

206. 129th win 10 No errors for White.

King's Indian Defense: Orthodox, Glek Defense, 8.Be3

207. 130th win 10 Reti

208. 131 win 10 Reti No errors for White.

209. 132 win 10

Knew I had won after Black castled Queenside.

210. 133rd win 10 No errors.

211. 134th win 10 Better Game.

212. 135th win 10

213. 136 win 10 (no errors for white)

214. 137 win 10 (3 inaccuracies for white)

Game 213 uncorrected. White wins end game.

215. 138 win 10 (many variations still white victory)

216. 139 win 10 (a little harder win)

217. 140 win (hacking it)

218. 141 win (game 217 corrected)

219. 142 win (no errors for white)

220. 143 win 10 (no errors for white) four horses

221. 144 win 10 (no errors white) easy checkmate

222. 145 win 10 (no errors for white) King's Pawn

223. 146 win 10 Reti

224. 147 win 10 (no errors) Ruy Lopez

225. 148 win 10 (no errors) Reti

226. 149 win 10 Zuckertort Opening: Pirc Invitation.

227. 150 win 10 (no errors) Zuckertort Opening: Pirc Invitation. (Corrected)

228. 151 win 10 Nimzo-Indian (one inaccuracy but I like it better)

229. 152 win 10 (no errors)

230. 153 win 10 (no errors first try)

231. 154 win 10

232. 155 win 10 (game 231 corrected)

233. 156 win 10

234. 157 win 10 reti

235 158 win 10 Reti (fixing one mistake for black)

236. 159 win 10 Reti, King's Pawn Latvian Gambit.

237. 160 win 10 Reti

238. 161 win 10 Reti *Game 237 corrected.

239. 162 win Reti (no real errors)

240. 163 win 10 (drawn game but computer makes mistake)

241. 164 win 10 (good game)

242. 165 win 10 (game 241 corrected)

243. 166 win 10 (a solid game winning with a pawn)

244. 167 win 10 (avoiding the draw)

245. 168 win 10 (game 244 corrected end game)

246. 169 win 10 (with sacrifice Queen trade)

247. 170 win 10

248. 171 win 10 Reti

249. 172 win 10 Reti (cool checkmate)

250. 173 win 10 (win by computer blunder)

251. 174 win 10 (game 250 corrected for white and black)

252. 175 win 10 (best corrected game 250)

253. 176 win 10 (two end pawns advance)

254. 177 win 10 (just another hard fought game)

255. 178 win 10

256. 179 win 10

257. 180 win 10 (taking exchange sacrifice)

258. 181 win 10 (double fianchettoed bishops no errors)

259. 182 win

260. 183 win 10 (game 259 corrected)

261. 184 win 10

262. 185 win 10

262. 186 win 10

263. 187 win 10

264. 188 win 10

265. 189 win 10 (stockfish vs stockfish)

266. 190 win 10

267. 191 win 10

268. 192 win 10

269. 193 win 10

270. 194 win 10 (correction of game 269)

271. 195 win 10

272. 196 win 10

273. 197 win 10

274. 198 win 10

275. 199 win 10

276. 200 win 10

277. 201 win 10

288. 202 win 10

289. 203 win 10

299. 204 win 10

300. 205 win 10

301. 206 win 10

302. 207 win 10

303. 208 win 10

304. 209 win 10 (corrected game 303)

305. 210 win 10

306. 211 win 10

307. 212 win 10 (corrected game 306)

308. 213 win 10 Analysis by

309. 214 win 10 Analysis by

310. 215 win Reti

311. 216 win (game 310 corrected)

312. 217 win 10 Analysis by

313. 218 win 10 Unsuccessful knight sacrifice by black

314. 219 win 10 Analysis by e4 Sicilian. Kalashnikov Variation.

315. 220 win 10

316. 221 win 10

317. 222 win 10

318. 223 win 10 Finally another win!

319. 224 win 10 Checkmate by bishops. Analysis by

320. 225 win A hard game to win.

321. 226 win Analysis.

322. 227 win 10 A hard way to win.

323. 228 win 10

324. game 323 corrected.

325. game 324 corrected.

326. game 325 corrected.

327. 228 win 10 No errors.

328. 229 win 10 Wild.

329. 229 corrected.

330. 230 win 10

331. Game 330 Corrected.

332. 231 win 10

333. 232 win 10 Reti

334. 233 win 10 Reti

335. 234 win 10 Reti

336. 235 win 10 Reti

337. 236 win 10 Reti

338. 237 win 10 Reti with rook sac

339. 238 win Reti

340. 239 win 10 Reti

341. 240 win 10 Reti win by blunder

342. 241 win 10 Reti

343. 242 win 10 Reti Strong Game

344. 243 win 10 Reti

345. 244 win 10 Reti

346. 245 win Reti Nakamura style opening

347. 246 win 10 Reti

348. 247 win 10 Reti

349. 248 win Reti

350. Corrected game 349 Reti

351. 249 win 10 Reti

352. game 350 corrected Reti

353. 250 win 10 Reti Queens Game

354. game 353 corrected Reti Queens Game

355. 251 win 10 Reti

356. 252 win 10 Reti

357. game 356 corrected Reti

358. 253 win 10 Reti

359. 254 win 10 Reti

360. 255 win 10 Reti

361. 256 win 10 Reti

362. 257 win 10 Reti

363. 258 win 10 Reti

364. 259 win 10

365. game 364 corrected

366. 260 win 10 Reti

367. 261 win Reti

368. 262 win 10 Reti

369. 263 win 10 Reti

370. 264 win Reti

371. 265 win Reti

372. 266. win Reti

372. 267 win Reti

373. 268 win Reti

374. 269 win 10 Reti

375. 270 win 10 Reti

376. game 375 corrected

377. game 375 corrected better

378. 271 win 10 Reti

379 272 win 10 Reti

380 273 win 10 Reti

381 274 win 10 Reti

382 game 274 minor correction

383 275 win Reti

384. 276 win 10 Reti

385. Finish Capablanca game that he lost

386. 277 win 10 Capablanca e4 opening.

387. 288 win 19 Reti

388. game 288 corrected

399. 289 win 10 Reti

400. 290 win Reti

401. 291 win 10 e4