LAs in eLearning

Resources for those transitioning to eLearning learning environments in response to COVID-19.

Note: This page will continue to be updated.

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Past Events and Video Archive

Access webinars on a variety of topics to support faculty and LAs in providing effective asynchronous and synchronous instruction.

Access virtual LA panels where LAs from different institutions provide their perspective on how they are supporting students and faculty in remote instruction.

November 14-16, 2020

LAs are a great resource for eLearning settings. Ideally, each team of LA(s) and faculty would work together to think about best practices to support the students in your classes. We know faculty have a lot on their plates right now, as we make the transition to eLearning.

LAs can serve as a part of the instructional team to support eLearning. They can lead breakout sessions, support synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid environments and hold virtual office hours. They can support faculty in learning skills for using etools and support students as they adapt.

We offer a few ideas from the Learning Assistant Alliance and its members. While this guide focuses more explicitly on using LAs in eLearning formats, there are a number of other resources and clearinghouses for more general ways to engage effectively in eLearning environments.

General Guidance:

  • Check in with your LAs to see how they are doing and how things have shifted for them. This will also give you insights into how your students are doing.

  • Your LAs can provide valuable feedback.

  • Make a plan. You have a team!

  • Continue to hold weekly preparation meetings (virtually) with your LAs.

eLearning Resources from LAA Institutions

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