Who we are

La Mame Gamers past and present

Amanda (in absentia, or in tents)

Andrew D (will doublecross 5 yr olds)

Beanie (still loves Dominion)

Dima and Misha

George (thinks he wins Puerto Rico)

Haig (never bluffs)

James (gets bolshy at slow play)

Melissa (senseless violence)

Ally (also loves Dominion)

Orla (saves her aces)

Natasha (only likes simple games)

Nyree (only likes old games)

Rikki (always wins Puerto Rico)

Rob (always wins St Petersburg)

Sacha (always wins Revolution)

Sam (always wins Brief History)

Sarah (not as sweet as she looks)

Paddy (acts surprised)

Angus (has bluff blush)

Flora (poker face)

Skip (best loser)

Andrew H


Tom, Sam and Edward