La Mame Games

We are family and friends who love playing games. Every summer we get together for a big games fest. We play lots of games, we fool around with designing games and we try and share one of the better ones we created.

This year is an exception ! (Duh):

As Essen is digital this year we are not going to produce a physical board game.

Instead in partnership with MeetMax Games who design smart games for large groups. (Basically making simple board game style games for groups of 10 - 1,000 players) we are offering a FREE game for families and friends to play over the Holidays.

We know how much everyone is missing getting together to play so we are offering a game that groups can play together at home or remotely over their Zoom or video chat

More info here

At Digital Essen we will be playing the game and collecting email addresses of anyone that wants one. The game will be available from end November