Gooseberry is a short, light, social-deduction game. Great filler particulalry for non-addicted gamers, it proved to be wildly popular at La Mame this year with different topics inspired by different people.

For each game a topic is chosen which contains sixteen different subjects which everyone can see. One of those is designated the secret subject and one player becomes the "Gooseberry". The Gooseberry does not know which of the sixteen subjects is the secret and the other players do not know who is the Gooseberry. The goal of the Gooseberry is to remain hidden and figure out the secret subject while all the other players are trying to keep the secret hidden and find the Gooseberry.

Time: 5-10 mins Age: 10+ Players: 3-6

Designer: Rikki Tahta

Artist: Andrew Higgins

Inspiration: Fake Artist,Spyfall, and Codenames

Credits to: Scarlett Bunce (for Fairy Tales),Tom Prince

(for School subjects) and everyone at La

Mame for hours of games testing.