Arts & Sciences

Competition Entries

March 2021Sponsored by Baroness Nezhka and Lord HákonCompeted with Magistra Iselda de NarbonneWinning Entry

March 2021
Sponsored by Baroness Philomene de Lys
Adult Scribe: Experienced Category Winner

5 October 2019 Fall Coronation Mystery Scribal Challenge Winner

2019 Trifold Artwork & Sewing team member.

Gifts, Favors

27 December 2019

Finished 12 November 2019 First attempt at portraits in miniature. Not in love with theses.

Ruby Joust 25 May 2019 - Alias Ela won a Silver Nautilus for the badassery of her poetry and incredible documentation.

Digital Design

Quill Quest


Clan Blue Feather

T-Shirt Contest Finalist

Shire of Roxbury Mill

T-Shirt Contest Winner

Red Fox Designs

Logo for Red Fox Designs

Nyvein bat Rav Adam

Vector of Arms, original drawing by Demian Wolfe


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