Lady Kolfinna Valravn (She/Her)

former: Kaaren, modern: Korrin

Shire of Roxbury Mill
Kingdom of Atlantia
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Doom Scroll: Scriptorium Valravn

Household & Affiliations

Man at Arms to Sir Alherin map Bleidcu

Folcadáin Bó Caitlin


⁠June 26, A.S. LVI (2021) to Present — Deputy to the Clerk Signet⁠: Competitions, Scribal Track, Emergency Back-Up

17 November A. S. LIV (2019) to Present — Deputy MoAS for the Shire of Roxbury Mill

26 May A.S. LV (2020) to 26 June A.S. LVI (2021) (Plague Era)⁠ — Kingdom of Atlantia's Scrivener Royal - Anton, Rex & Luned, Regina


The Great Illuminated Capitals Battle - The First Shelter-In-Place Scribal War

Letter "D" WinnerOverall Competitor (In progress)

"Iron Scribe" Expert Category: Illumination

Winner - February 2020

"Iron Scribe" Expert Category: Calligraphy

Winner - February 2020

St. Anne's Guild of Clothiers' Garb Runway Competition

First Place as part of the Fates with Alias Ela & Adelaide Half Pint - January 2020

Mystery Scribal Challenge

Winner - October 2019

Revenge of the Stitch: Team Roxbury Mill

Survived - April 2019


I received a Pearl on 12 December 2020 at Lochmere Investiture Virtual Royal Court: Navarre Court at the Royal Palace of Olite. Kenarri Bubba Blackhammer completed the Calligraphy and Illumination and text composition by Magistra Iselda de Narbonne with inspiration from Anna Bijns.

"Know ye now, Atlantia, a girl
Alabaster-like commands each hue.
Anton, Luned, monarchs, name her "pearl"
Raven-hearted artist, as is due.
Execute our will on 12 December
Now in A.S. 55, remember,
In Navarre, at Court, this name was graven,
And granted right of arms - Kaaren Valravn"


I received an Opal on 8 February 2020 at Bright Hills Baronial Birthday. Mestra Esperanza Susanna Flecha completed the Calligraphy and Illumination.

Coral Branch & AoA

I received a Coral Branch on 23 March 2019 at "Defending the Gate" in Stierbach. Meisterin Daniela Swartzhaupt completed the Calligraphy and Illumination with ink and gold leaf.

Photo by Adelaide Halfpint of Roxbury Mill

Silver Nautilus

I received a Silver Nautilus on 12 January 2019 during "1001 Atlantian Nights: Twelfth Night" for the calligraphy and illumination of my first scroll.

Korrin Valravn photo by Vikings ConSilver Nautilus photo by Adelaide Halfpint