Welcome to the Erasmus + project "Kids, Stand Up For Your Rights" official website!

The project!

One day 5 schools from France, Poland, Romania and Turkey decided to collaborate and plan a 2 year KA229 Erasmus+ project called "Kids Stand Up For Your Rights" to promote human rights, social inclusion and international mobility! This is what we are doing!

The project's official trailer has been released!

Enjoy !:D

Polish, Romanian and Turkish pupils at Paris Charles De Gaulle ready for a great week of exchange and discovery!

Migration workshops at the Paris Headquarters of the French Red Cross Organization.

The 3e E are ready to welcome our 40 visitors.

Mathis (FR), Carla (FR) and Ramona (RO) displaying START campaign posters at Collège Charles Lemaitre.

Anti-war posters made by students waiting to be displayed at school.

START students discovering what Syrian refugees go through when they run away from war.

Congratulation to you all!

What did START students learn from this first exchange?

Listen to what they have to say :D

Let's meet you all again in Gdansk in May, guys!

To be continued... ;D