Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) is a nonprofit professional organization established in 1971. KSEA's vision is to promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society and to foster international collaboration especially between the United States and Korea (ksea.org). KSEA has grown to over 6,000 registered members with seventy local chapters (including four branches) and fourteen technical groups across the U.S.

In 2012, KSEA MI Chapter was re-established. Our purpose is to promote networking among Korean and Korean American scientists and engineers in Michigan by hosting seminars and social events for students and young professionals. MI KSEA events are free for all KSEA members. Become a member today and receive KSEA membership benefits including job referrals, scholarships, and participation in national KSEA conferences.


Michigan KSEA is one of over forty KSEA chapters across the United States. Our purpose is to promote networking among Korean and Korean American scientists and engineers residing in Michigan. There are over a hundred MI KSEA members, which is composed of undergraduate students, graduate students, and working professionals. Our mission is to continuously develop a stronger network especially between students and working professionals and serve the Korean community.

Anyone who is interested in Korean culture or wish to network with Koreans are invited to MI KSEA events. Every year (starting July 1 - June 30), we host technical seminars to support career development and fun, social activities. All local events are free for KSEA members.

The Michigan Chapter actively collaborates with KSEA Headquarter (HQ) by participating in HQ-organized national events such as US-Korea Conference (UKC Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship), Ygnite: Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference (YGTLC), Scientists and Engineers Early-Career Development Workshops (SEED), and KSEA-KUSCO Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships. Also, the Michigan Chapter offers an opportunity for 4th - 11th grade students in Michigan to strengthen their knowledge in math and science by hosting the National Mathematics & Science Competition (NMSC).



Local Chapter Officers

2018-2019 (47th Term)

President: Jun Ha Park

Advisor/Treasurer: Yun Jae Cho

Advisor: Benjamin Lee

Officer: Tae Hwa Lee, Jaihyun Lee

Young Generation Group Board

at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


President: Jonathan Kim

Senior Advisor: Elaine Kim

External VP: Jeremy Yun

Internal VP: Sabina Kim

Secretary: Anna Kang

Study Group Chair: Anna Cheong

Event Coordinator: Katie Lee, Hojin Han

Design & Technology Chair: Joyce Lee


2017-2018 (46th Term)

President: Yun Jae Cho

Advisor/Treasurer: Benjamin Lee

Advisor: Jullia Lee

Officer: Jun Ha Park

2016-2017 (45th Term)

President: Benjamin Lee

Vice President: Yun Jae Cho

Public Relations: Jullia Lee

Public Relations: Hyeon Joo

Webmaster: Il Taek Kwon

Communications: Youngjin Heo

2015-2016 (44th Term)

President: Joosung Kim

Vice President: Benjamin Lee

Public Relations: Jullia Lee

Public Relations: Hyeon Joo

Communications: Yun Jae Cho

2014-2015 (43rd Term)

President: Jullia Lee

Vice President: Benjamin Lee

Communications: Hyeon Joo

Public Relations: Seung Hyuk Lee

Webmaster: Joosung Kim

2013-2014 (42nd Term)

President: Hyeon Joo

Vice President: Benjamin Lee

Communications: Jullia Lee

Public Relations: Seung Hyuk Lee

Treasurer: WonSeok Lee

Webmaster: SangHyun Park

2012-2013 (41st Term)

President: YeEun Angela Park

Vice President/Public Relations: Benjamin Lee

Communications: YoonShik Brice Kim

Auditor: Hyeon Joo

Webmaster: SangHyun Park

Treasurer: WonSeok Lee

Secretary: JiYoung Kim

2011-2012 (40th Term)

President: Hahnsang Kim

Officer: Hyeon Joo

Officer: YoonSeob Kim

Officer: InHo Lee

Officer: DongKyoung Lee

Officer: YeEun Angela Park

Officer: JiYoung Kim

Officer: Seungchul Lee

YG Director: Benjamin Lee