KorrTecx - AGI

Creating a Synthetic Conscious Species

What is KorrTecx?

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

KorrTecx is a working machine intelligence/ software framework/ neuromorphic model, and a totally new approach to solving the AGI problem space, based on the functioning of the mammalian connectome; it leverage's biological principles to store and process information/ knowledge.

Seeking the essence of intelligence

Using the scientific method, experimentation and rigorous testing the mechanisms that make us intelligent, self-aware and conscious have been distilled into a functioning neuromorphic system.

Build a machine that can learn anything... and then I'll teach it to be human.

Key Features

Inspired by biology

One-shot, unsupervised continuous learning

Knowledge generalisation

Distributed processing

High dimensional memory

Attention/ Saliency/ Prediction

Multi-modal sensory learning

Working theory of Imagination, sub-conscious, self awareness & consciousness