in alphabetical order

Connectivity: describes the links between the all states of a model. E.g. a 4-state model can have 4 or 3 links. In the latter case 3 different arrangements are possible: ⊏, ⊐, ⊓, and ⊔ .

Degenerate states: kinetic states that share the same FRET efficiency, but may show different kinetics, i.e. on-/off-rates. This is different from the quantum-mechanical definition of 'degenerate'.

Fully corrected smFRET data: smFRET trajectories that were corrected for background, donor leakage, direct excitation, excitation & detection correction factors, according to Hellenkamp, Schmid, et al (2018) Nat Meth. I.e. the sum of donor plus acceptor intensity is identical for all states.

Model: short for kinetic rate model. I.e. includes a defined number of states, their connectivity, and associated rate constants.

Tool: here, a piece of software that can extract kinetic rate models out of experimental single-molecule FRET time traces. See our current list.