Sonja Schmid

Markus Götz

After studying NanoScience at Basel University, Switzerland, I got my PhD in biophysics from TU Munich, Germany, where I joined Thorsten Hugel’s lab. While investigating the conformational dynamics of the chaperone protein Hsp90 by single-molecule FRET, I searched together with my colleague Markus Götz for a statistically robust solution to quantify & model our intriguing FRET time traces. This led us to SMACKS, the Single-Molecule Analysis for Complex Kinetic Sequences.

In 2017, I accepted a postdoc position in Cees Dekker’s lab at TU Delft, The Netherlands, where I still pursue my fascination for the protein nanoworld, now using electrical nanopore detection. Since August 2018, I am a grantee of the Swiss National Science foundation.

ResearchGate, GoogleScholar, s.schmid at tudelft.nl

Since 2018, I'm a postdoc in Marcelo Nollmann's lab at the Center for Structural Biochemistry in Montpellier, France. There, I'm developing a super-resolution microscopy approach to study the organization of chromatin in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells.

After studying biochemistry at the TU Munich, I did my PhD with Thorsten Hugel. Using different single-molecule techniques, I was investigating the chaperone system Hsp90.

ResearchGate, Orchid, markus.goetz at cbs.cnrs.fr

We thank Thorsten Hugel, Jens Timmer, Timon Idema for valuable comments, and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) for funding.