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We meet on the second and third Monday of each month between September and May. Meetings begin at 7:30 PM at the King City Club House located at 15245 SW 116th Ave., King City, OR 97224.

The first monthly meeting focuses on competition, and the second meeting is dedicated to special programs or guest speakers (be sure to check the calendar for changes or cancellations).

All visitors are welcome.

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2020 - 2021 Competition Night Themes

September, 2020 - Silhouette, Patterned

October, 2020 Aged/Weathered, Stripes

November, 2020 Ground Level View, Any Shadow

December, 2020 Circle, Architectural

January, 2021 Urban Life, Travel

February, 2021 Wrinkled, Furry Things

March, 2021 Any Animal, Forest

April, 2021 Vegetable, Transparency

May, 2021 Puddles, Sunset

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Our meetings will be online and not at the clubhouse. Please watch for email announcements.

Scott Shuey's July 6, 2020 Presentation on YouTube

Oct 19 Chris Germano

Chris will be sharing his sports photography images he has taken over the years as well as briefly discussing equipment, camera settings, and post processing.

Chris is a self-taught photographer who started in 2005 after a soccer injury sidelined him for 9 months. During that time he would go to his team's games and take photos as a way to still be part of the team. This is where he developed an interest for photography, and more specifically sports photography. Chris has been fortunate enough to work closely with the International Fencing Federation, traveling to Baku, Azerbaijan in 2010 for the Junior and Cadet World Championships, and Catania, Italy in 2011, for the World Fencing Championships. After taking a long break from sports photography, Chris started up again in 2018 volunteering at Tigard High School as a way to develop his skills while also providing parents and students with memorable photos. Chris' photos have been featured in American Fencing Magazine, the Oregonian as well as the Tigard Times, and his work can be found on his website and on Instagram.

Nov 16 Michael Gordon

Join professional photographic artist Michael E. Gordon for a presentation featuring images and stories from Death Valley National Park, the largest and most awe-inspiring National Park in the lower 48.

Michael E. Gordon is an award-winning photographic artist best known for his black and white images from California’s deserts which, said Broughton Quarterly, portray “stunning ethereal beauty from terrain where others see only a bleak landscape.” A wilderness adventurer and lifelong student of nature, Michael’s intimate relationship with the natural world results in quiet images of depth and discovery. His relationship with and photography of Death Valley National Park spans more than 25 years and he spends more than 90 days in the Park each year; photographing, teaching, guiding, and wandering in awe. In early 2015, Michael was a featured on-camera Death Valley expert in an NHK Japan full-length documentary film.

Michael's work has been widely exhibited and is held internationally in the private collections of the United States Embassy, Kaiser Permanente; Milken Family Foundation; The Wilderness Society, and many others. His photographs have been widely published, including B+W Photography (UK); Medium Format magazine; SHOTS; View Camera; Rangefinder; Broughton Quarterly; Arte Fotográfico, Backpacker; and more. His work has been awarded by the International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, and Black & White Spider Awards.

Michael owns and operates Death Valley Photo Tours and co-founded Visionary Photography Workshops. He lives in Southern California with his wife Shauna.

Jan 18, 2021 Gary Friedman

How to “Wow!” with Wireless Flash – Gary demonstrates how easy it is to move your flash off your camera and add great drama with no need for technical knowledge. Think a new lens will improve your photography? Learning to use light will have a dramatically greater impact on your images.

"Gary L. Friedman is a professional photographer who has traveled the world with his cameras and runs the stock image website He has also written several highly-acclaimed e-books on digital imaging, all aimed at demystifying the complexities of digital cameras. His photography and writing has been published in magazines, newspapers, and books worldwide, and he is associate editor of CameraCraft magazine in the UK, the antithesis of your typical photo magazine. He was also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for building the world’s smallest telephone way back in 1980 (before cell phones or cordless phones were around).

Before graduating to photography he was a rocket scientist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he patented the image authentication system now used in high-end digital cameras from Canon and Nikon, and published the book “Control the World with HP-IL”, a technical book showing how to interface Hewlett Packard handheld calculators to the outside world.

Frustrated with the inability to commercialize his patents, he left JPL after 10 years to learn how to run a business. He founded an Information Technology Consulting firm and grew it from 1 person and 1 telephone to a $10M/yr firm and 22 employees within three years. A tour of duty with a dot-com followed. We all know what happened after that. 🙂

Gary’s best-known photographic works are the 1988 “Peace Child in Latvia“, a photojournalistic documentary about a historic exchange between Soviet and American high-school student back in the days of the cold war, and his 2003 China Blog about his adventures teaching English in China.

Gary keeps busy now with photo assignments, image licensing, writing books, and acting as a distributor for a most unique musical instrument called a Xaphoon. In his spare time (Ha!) he is traveling the world offering highly-acclaimed photography seminars to any photo club that wants them. He can be reached at"