Keunsu Kim

I am a graduate student in the Department of mathematics of POSTECH. My academic advisor is Jae-Hun Jung. In 2009, I notice the fun of mathematics when I studied the factorization of polynomials. Since then I have confidence for me and decide to be a mathematician. When I was an undergraduate student, I took Quantum Mechanics class. I was impressed the formalism of 'state' and 'observable' using by linear algebra. In particular I was impressed the relation between Berry’s phase and given topology of space. I discussed this relation with graduate student who major in particle physics. I applied to graduate school of Postech because I wanted to major in mathematical physics, and there was IBS-CGP (Center for Geometry and Physics). After qualifying exam, I had studied symplectic geometry for nearly two years, but I changed my major to Topological Data Analysis (TDA). There was a suggestion from my ex-advisor to change my major and moreover, I felt symplectic geometry is very abstract and fanciful. I like the professor Hwang’s motto that is 'It is the most fundamental theories that translate into the best applications.’  

Anyway, I am content with studying TDA.

My Life was  나의 생애는

going around all shortcut 모든 지름길을 돌아서

a roundabout way that was only going to you 네게로 난 단 하나의 에움길이었다 -나희덕, 푸른 밤


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Main : Time-series data and topological data analysis

Interests(Non Academic)

My pens : Parker Sonnet Essential fountain pen (incumbent)

Parker Jotter fountain pen (Nov, 2021 ~ Aug, 2022), Parker 51 ballpoint pen

Reading Korean novels

Favorite novelist : 黃順元

Recent impressive books : 나무들 비탈에 서다, 카인의 後裔, 日月.


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