Overarching competencies

  1. Personal effectiveness: Pre-emerging.

Rationale: As an educator, I am beginning to understand my own leadership style and stepping out of my comfort zone by engaging with individuals in a leadership role.

Goal: Become a leader that is able to positively engage with stakeholders about social inequalities in schools.

  1. Communication: Pre-emerging.

Rationale: I am learning new vocabulary and language to express social injustice that exists within public schools in the state of Montana.

Goal: Communicate messages that will advance systemic changes with the community.

Foundational Competency

  1. Explore and Challenge Inequity: Emerging

Rationale: I acknowledge that my own background places into how I engage as an educator and the individuals that I work with.

Goal: I want to continue to collaborate with stakeholders and seek and create equitable practices for the students and their families.

Specific Leadership Pathway Competency

  1. Coaching and Mentoring: Pre-emerging.

Rationale: I am new to mentoring on a professional level. I am growing more aware of the importance of relationships and how those relationships impact the working environment.

Goal: Develop courses or trainings in which I can continue to mentor individuals who work closely with my students and their families.


  1. Recess aids, parents, 5th grade teachers, MBI team, preschool teachers, administrator, neighborhood council members.

Describe your work with diverse stakeholders. Explaining how historical trauma and poverty continues to impact families to was met with some skepticism by stakeholders but also understanding and compassion by different stakeholders.

Describe your awareness of those from different cultures, experiences and background inform your chosen project. My own family background contains historical trauma and forming relationships with stakeholders was healing for me and also allowed individuals who come from the dominant white society to empathize with my family trauma.

Educational Philosophy 2.0

Students are the future….

Each student has their own personal and unique story. At my school each student's uniqueness will be celebrated. I will nurture and allow them to develop their own ideas. My vision for my students as adults is that they are caring, accepting individuals who are able to eradicate systemic racism in America and create a nation that will embrace diversity and each person’s uniqueness.

Teach the students…..

That a community exists in a classroom where their differences and abilities are important to me. As a teacher I want to give my students tools that they are able to use going forward in their educational futures and beyond. To accomplish this goal I will get to know my students and their families on a personal level so that I can differentiate my teaching specific to their needs and accommodate historical trauma and generational poverty. I will present a curriculum that my students can relate to and is relevant to their lives. I will incorporate structured play, social skills, and academics to make students active learners in their own education. Lastly, I will tie the world community so that my students become active members in a world society.

Give them a sense of pride….

In my classroom my students will have a sense of community towards each other and the school. My students will participate in classroom meetings, create classroom rules, and participate in democratic principles that will allow them to become responsible for their own actions. Students will be empowered and then responsible for their own behavior and their own learning. When I foster a community in the classroom, I am giving students tools to become successful in life, build self confidence, and love themselves.

Educational Philosophy

“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” -Dr. James Comer. As an educator I want to meet my students where they are socially and emotionally. Recognizing historical trauma, poverty, and social inequalities that occur within communities and within school systems. My goal as an educator is to give students the opportunity to learn in an environment that meets their specific needs. Creating a classroom where students are valued and respected is my intention. I strive to make a classroom learning environment that is conducive to learning. Students have the opportunities to express their opinions and share their learnings. Letting students have control over their learning will be a mutual experience in the classroom. Students learn better when they have choice.

Creating bonds between myself and students' families comes naturally for me. Families and guardians can speak with me about social, emotional, behavior, and academics. Supporting families is crucial in order to help students learn content. It really does take a village to raise a child and I let the families of my students know that I am a part of the village until that child is grown, not just for a school year that I have that student in my class.

Teaching is a learning experience. I have learned to become flexible and let the student need guide instruction. I learn that every student has a story. I learn to turn my devotion and dedication into a fun activity for students. I learn from a nod of comprehension and gain happiness from a smile at a joke. I receive as much as I give. I learn everyday that teaching is a learning experience.

Artifact 1

Brown Bag Activity from Module 1

Artifact 2

Article "Diversity and Design: How we can shape a more inclusive industry? Module 3

Artifact 3

Implicit bias test Module 2. This is a work in progress. I am much more aware of my own personal bias that I carry with me in life and in the classroom.