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Seesaw is a online learning journal that operates on any device. Students, Parents and Teachers connect to Seesaw to track a student's learning journal.

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When students complete an activity in Seesaw that has been created by the teacher, it is important they go to the activities tab and click add. If students do not follow this step, their response will not be linked to the activity, resulting in the teacher not being able to easily see the student's response from the activities tab.

No more copy & edit!

Seesaw activities allows you to easily create and share activities for your students to complete in Seesaw on iOS and the web. Get inspired with grade-level specific activities from our library, or create your own! Activities can be shared across classes and across the school (with other teachers) if you are using Seesaw for Schools.

When creating Seesaw activities you can add instructions that include the Seesaw icons. This is particularly useful for early years students who are only just learning to read. Use this infopic as a reference for what shortcuts to use to make images appear in your instructions!

My Library

As well as the Seesaw Activity Library you can also store your own activities. If you use the free version of Seesaw you can save up to 100 activities where as Seesaw Plus allows 500 and Seesaw for Schools is unlimited.

It’s easy to share the Seesaw activities you create. Save activities other teachers have made by visiting the Seesaw Community Google Sheet. Let's add the activities we create here, as any activity saved from another user can be customised and save us valuable time! I have also created my own Google Sheet with activities specifically designed for the Australian Curriculum. Visit and contribute at:

The wonderful team at Seesaw have created task cards for the classroom. Grade specific Seesaw Task Cards help students independently document their learning with Seesaw. Task Cards with easy-to-follow instructions are a great way to introduce Seesaw to your class, and can even give you new ideas on how to use different Seesaw tools in your classroom!

Click on the image to visit the Seesaw Ideas Centre and download the task cards!

Seesaw Graphic Organisers created in Google Slides. These graphic organisers have been created by Teachers and Seesaw enthusiasts, Beth Leighton & Kris Szajner. Download each graphic organiser as a png, add to Seesaw! Students can then use copy and edit to add text (or emojis) to the images using the labels function. These graphic organisers have been shared with the Seesaw community in the Seesaw Ideas Centre. Click on the image to visit the Ideas Centre and download your own copy of the graphic organisers.