Cyber Safety

An open dialogue with children regarding safe use of technology is crucial! There are thousands of amazing apps but some have features that can pose a risk to children.

Fancy Key Pro is rated 4+ in the app store. However in the animated GIFs some inappropriate images may appear. Parents and teachers who allow students to install these keyboard apps should ensure 'full access' is turned off in iPad settings.

Primary school aged students should be strongly encouraged not to join social networks. Users must be at least 13 years of age, however some parents allow their children to join earlier. This graphic is designed for students, to give them some tips about how to ensure their safety if they do use social media.

Family Sharing

Family sharing is a great way to support children using their device responsibly. It also saves money as a single app purchase can be shared across devices. This infographic outlines the main aspects of family sharing.

Screen Time

With the latest iOS12 update, screen time allows users to monitor how apps are use and restrict the amount of time set on a app or a category of apps. Restrictions are now located within screen time.