Seesaw is a online learning journal that operates on any device. Students, Parents and Teachers connect to Seesaw to track a student's learning journal.

KOL PreK-5th Grade Seesaw Interactive Teacher Training

The Seesaw platform is regularly updated as more features are introduced. The latest update saw the introduction of Seesaw Activities - a game changer! 2017 also saw the introduction of the messages and announcements feature. Teachers can send announcements without clogging student journals. Teachers can also send private messages to a student or parent. Parents can reply to these messages.

These info graphics help parents navigate around the family app. The welcome note provides an overview of why Seesaw is amazing!

Sometimes teachers like to try things out with Seesaw before posting to student journals. Seesaw has now enabled a feature called sample student. This sample student will appear in all new classes. There is no more need to make fake students, which was sometimes an extra cost if you are using Seesaw for Schools and paying by per student!

This poster is designed to be displayed in the classroom. It encourages students to make clear and easy to view posts to Seesaw. It also aims to encourage students to not just take screen shots of their work, rather to export it in the correct format.

This poster highlights a new feature of Seesaw, the add file button. This button makes integration with cloud storage seamless. As well as working with Google Drive it is also compatible with Dropbox and One Drive.

Parents have the option of downloading their child's journal before the class is archived or when a child leaves the school. This poster shows how to download the journal from the Seesaw website.

Seesaw Blogs are a simple way to showcase the amazing work students are doing in the classroom with the broader community.

Blogging gives students an authentic audience of their classmates, parents and other students around the globe, encouraging better work and providing opportunities for real feedback.

Connect to other blogs across the world. Check out Seesaw's google doc - add your blog to the list, or just connect to other blogs worldwide!

Seesaw skills allows teachers to keep track of what skills or standards your students are working towards. You can assign a 1-4 star rating to get a real-time understanding of how students are progressing. Seesaw skills is available to Seesaw Plus and Seesaw for Schools users. Family members cannot see skills tagged by teachers.

Many schools use multiple online learning platforms. This info pic is designed for teachers and students. It guides users on how to publish work to Seesaw from Google Drive when the files are also connected to Google Classroom. With the latest update of i0S11 on iPads the add file button on Seesaw will not allow students to add any files from their Google Drive that are GSuite files such as Docs, Slides or Sheets.

Share Seesaw Posts with a QR Code

It's easy to generate a QR code of an item that a student uploads to Seesaw. Using this method allows the teacher to share specific posts with a larger audience. These QR codes could be used as a classroom display where parents and other students are invited to view 'Wow Work'. If you share the PDF containing the QR code, comments made on the post are also visible.