Welcome to Keatington Cedars!

The Keatington Cedars #1 Homeowners Association (KCHA) welcomes you and your family to Keatington Cedars. We are glad you chose to live in our neighborhood.

For new home buyers to get a Title Request/ Status of account contact our email at if you need immediate assistance call the HOA President.

The KCHA was developed to protect your investment and the investment of all residents of Keatington Cedars. The life of the KCHA depends upon the concern and interest shown by our homeowners. We need your help. We urge you to take part in your community's activities by actively participating in the KCHA. Email if you are interested.

We encourage you to download copies of the following documents and become informed of the function of the KCHA and its standing committees and restrictions. Please click the buttons below to see KCHA documents:

For an updated financial statement, you must request the Treasurer directly. To do so, e-mail with your request.