Keatington Cedars 1 HOA Board of Directors

We are happy to help. Please contact us with your thoughts, questions and suggestions.

*To contact the board via e-mail, send e-mail to:

President: Charles Warrick - 248-219-1286

Vice President: Danielle Carroll - 248-563-6443

Treasurer: Steve Eby - 248-840-8678

Secretary: Lindsay Ruwart

Member at Large: Glenn Henige - 586-709-2564

Grounds Committee: Tim Greger - 248-393-1220

Social Representative: Danielle Carroll - 248-563-6443

Webmaster: Danielle Carroll - 248-563-6443

Beach Representative: Pat Cooper 248-904-8050

Architectural Committee: Open - looking to fill this committee

If interested, send e-mail to:

Beach Pavilion Rental: (not part of our Homeowners Association)

Tom Phillips - 248-343-9994