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Officials are to be dressed as follows with the goal of looking professional and promoting a consistent appearance. Each member covers the cost of their uniform. The Allocator can assist with ordering jerseys if required.

  • A short-sleeved, black and white striped basketball official’s jersey. The jersey shall be tucked into the slacks

  • Black dress slacks, preferably belt-less. If belt is worn, it should be plain and black

  • Black socks

  • Black leather shoes with no visible commercial logos (no other colour shall be visible on the shoe)

  • Black whistle (Classic Fox 40) with a black lanyard. A lanyard shall be worn with the whistle for all games

  • Black jacket (Not required for Developing Members); either both officials wear the jacket in pregame, or both do not wear their jackets

  • Visible jewellery (except wedding bands) shall not be worn, including watches, fit bits, etc.


BCBOC Fees - $40 Yr1, $60 Yr2, $80 >2 Yrs
(deducted from the first cheque)

KBOA Fees - $35
(deducted from your second cheque)