COVID and the 2020-21 Season ***

  • We have High School Club ball on Saturdays (All Day), and Monday and Wednesday evenings through Mid-Nov

  • Mens and Womens Leagues are still TBD

  • High School basketball is all TBD... likely no inter-district tournaments

CABO Game Plan

  • CBOC will be hosting five webinar sessions in the month of October to cover the 2020 FIBA Rule Changes.
    Each 75-minute session will be hosted through the Adobe Connect platform and will be led by Mike Thomson – Manager, Officials Development.

· Go to https://gameplanbasketball.ca/?set_member_type=official …you are probably already registered here

· Either choose Member Sign in at the top right or
At the bottom left, choose REGISTER

· Choose CANADA as your country …. Then a bunch of fields will appear below this

· Choose FREE

· Choose a username…(enter your Scheduler UserID so you will remember it)

· Enter your same password (again …so you will remember)

· Leave NCCP number blank

· Enter name and address info

· For Organization ..select BC ..then ‘Kamloops BOA’

· Complete postal code, phone, email, language, gender,birthdate

· Select your NOCP level … Prospect if you are NEW… NOCP1 for most, NOCP2 for several


  • Login in your Game Plan account

  • Click on the “Workshops” tab

  • Register for 1 of the 5 sessions named “2020 FIBA Rule Changes Webinar”

  • Complete your registration

Basketball starts again TBD (Mens League)

  • This may be comprised of 3 groups of 4 team cohorts ... still in the works as of Oct20, 2020

  • Go to our Membership page and get in touch with our President, Allocator, or Educator NOW

Education Sessions TBD

  • Oct 29th Rule 5 and High School Mods

  • BCBOA Regional Session .. Saturday Nov 2 10am-2pm **Special time... Special Guests**

  • Nov 5th Rule 6 to 8

  • Nov 19th 2-Person Mechanics

  • Nov 26th Exam Preparation


We use Scheduler for game assignments. Please make sure your availability calendar is updated frequently.

FIBA Rules

We use FIBA rules. Highschool games have some modifications. For an up-to-date FIBA rule book and list of modifications, go to the link on our Education page.


The Canadian Basketball Official's Commission (CBOC) was created in November 2015 to help strengthen the alignment in Canadian basketball.


Please make sure you are registered with the BCBOA. You can find more training information and news from BCBOA as well.