Game Assignments

What is Arbiter

We use Arbiter for game assignments. Please make sure your availability calendar is updated frequently.

Refer to October 20, 2021 Email from Brian for more detail:

  1. Go to and use the email address you provided as your username.

  2. If you already have an Arbiter account with this email address, you will log-in using the same password.

  3. If you have never had an Arbiter account, click "Forgot password?" and you will be emailed a link to set your password.

If you already have an Arbiter account, you will be prompted to "join the group" upon signing in. Once you accept this prompt, your Association's profile will now be added to your Arbiter account and you can switch between your personal Official profile and the Association's administrator profile. You can switch back and forth by clicking on the grey human shadow icon in the top right corner (or your photo if you have one uploaded).

How to setup Arbiter (for end users)

Here is a training video on how to setup your Arbiter environment
here is a great document about end user Arbiter basics.

Game Assignment Process

a. Setting up your calendar to show when you are available.. called BLOCKING
Watch this video to understand how to setup your schedule availability.

More on Blocking Dates and Times

b. The allocator assigns games based on your ability and availability for the game day and time.

c. Receive an assignment email and open Arbiter to accept or decline. If your calendar is accurate you should almost never have to decline a game which has been assigned to you.

Here is the webpage for Arbiter's tech support:

Phone number: 800-311-4060

Email address:

Home []
235 W Sego Lily Dr. Suite 200 Sandy, UT 84070 800-311-4060