Kathleen A Mugnolo

Certified Holistic Doula and Herbal Educator

Integrating a new life into your daily existence can be challenging and exhausting. A postpartum doula can provide crucial support in helping your family adjust and find a new normal. Click here to find out more about this valuable service.

People are drawn to plant medicine for many reasons, but at the core of their journey is the desire for autonomy of ones health. Pregnant and postpartum people can find gentle solutions using herbs for common health concerns.

Women have been with women during childbirth since women have been having babies. Doulas have stepped in to compensate for the tribal support we once had. Evidence supports that the presence of a doula greatly improves birth out comes.

"What an incredible experience we had with Kathleen! We worked with her to create a cast of my very pregnant belly. Being a plus size woman, I am rather self conscious but Kathleen put me 100% at ease! She made the entire process very comfortable for me. Kathleen has an aura about her that just screams good person. I immediately clicked with her and so enjoyed our time together. We exchanged stories and she provided great empathy about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and raising children. Then we learned that she is also a postpartum doula, and we hired her for postpartum help right on the spot! We are thrilled that we get to work with her again after baby arrives. And the belly cast she helped us with is just beautiful. She exhibited great attention to detail as she is an artist and truly cares to show the true and perfect form of the pregnant mom’s shape in late pregnancy. I felt celebrated and validated the entire time. Truly a great experience. Can’t recommend working with Kathleen highly enough!"

Laura Ann - Client

"When Nick comes home after work he says, 'you're so much happier when Kathleen has been here.'"

Farmer Erin - Wild Hill Farm