Kamloops River and Lake Access Initiative

Photo by Doug Smith

Our Mission

Kamloops has many beautiful waterways that attract all manner of recreational paddlers and boaters. The Thompson Rivers and Kamloops Lake are at the heart of our valley and our community. In fact the name Kamloops is derived from the Secwepemc name for the location: Tk'umlups, meaning "meeting of the waters".

Beyond the mighty Thompson River System and up in the hills surrounding Kamloops, hundreds more beautiful lakes surround us. However, accessing many of these rivers and lakes can be surprisingly difficult: trains, fences, gates, steep banks of rip-rap and debris, private property and in many cases a lack of adequately maintained right-of-ways make if challenging or dangerous to get to the water.

The Kamloops River and Lake Access Initiative is a coalition of user groups and optimistic citizens who want to make sure that a plan is put in place by the City of Kamloops and our surrounding regional districts to ensure a gradual improvement in access to our waterways for recreational users of all types.

Benifits of Improved River and LAke Access

Improving river and lake access in all communities and all neighborhoods has a multitude of benefits for society. Here are a few:

  • Better usability and safety for recreational paddlers, and other users (Walkers, fisher-people, school groups, and nature lovers of all types, etc.)
  • A better public image and draw for tourism related activities
  • Better access for average citizens may actually reduce problem behaviors such as vandalism, garbage dumping and drug use, as these areas will no longer be seen as "no-go zones" for law-abiding citizens.
  • Help to make Kamloops more attractive to doctors and other professionals who we need to do more to recruit
  • Increased awareness, protection, and respect for our waterways and the valuable and endangered ecosystems they support: grasslands, cottonwood forests, riparian habitat, wetlands, etc.
  • An increased quality of life for our local residents regardless our their mobility or wealth.
  • More recreational activities within walking distance helps reduce traffic congestion and emissions associated with driving.

Please visit the other sections of this website to see what events we have planned, learn more about our ideas, and of course to get involved!

You can stay involved by joining our Facebook Group too:

Kamloops River Access Facebook Group