Venkata Kalyan Tavva


Kalyan is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar.

Prior to joining IIT Ropar, Kalyan was a Hardware Performance Architect in Systems and Technology Group (STG) laboratory, IBM Systems, Benguluru. His primary work was to explore memory controller optimisations for next generation IBM POWER processors.

Kalyan received PhD under the guidance of Prof. Madhu Mutyam, Dept. of CSE , IIT Madras. During PhD Kalyan was associated with the Programming Languages, Architecture and Compilers Education (PACE) group in the Dept.

If you are wondering what 'Namasthe' means, in India, it is a formal way of greeting people. It means 'I bow to the God in you'. It acknowledges the fact that there is presence of God in every being.


Primary Research Interests:

Computer Architecture

  • Memory Hierarchy - Cache, DRAM, Emerging Memory Technologies
  • Low-power/Energy-efficient techniques - Alternate computing technologies

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  • 4th Mar 2020: "Temperature Aware Adaptations for Improved Read Reliability in STT-MRAM Memory Subsystem " work accepted in IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems.
  • 25th Feb 2020: "DRAM bank activation management" patent grant.
  • 19th Jan 2020: "A Scalable and Energy-Efficient Concurrent Binary Search Tree with Fatnodes" work accepted in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing.
  • 18th Nov 2019: Received project approval under SERB Start-Up Research Grant (SRG).
  • 13th Aug 2019: "Memory Request Scheduling To Improve Bank Group Utilization" patent grant.
  • 13th Aug 2019: "Write management for increasing non-volatile memory reliability" patent grant.

Students' corner

I am looking for bright students (MS, PhD) with good enthusiasm to work in Computer Architecture. Interested students can contact me via mail (preferably).

1. One project position (JRF) available in my SRG project.

  • Last date to apply: 1st Apr 2020. Extended to 1st May 2020 5PM IST.
  • Complete details: here.
  • Template of the application form is available here.

2. One summer intern position available in my SRG project. Considering Covid-19, all the summer internship options are closed.

  • Last date to apply: 27th Mar 2020.
  • Complete details here.


Office: Room No. 112, Dept. of CSE, S Ramanujan Block, IIT Ropar, Permanent Campus, Birla Farm, Rupnagar - 140001, Punjab.

Email: kalyantv AT iitrpr DOT ac DOT in

email is my preferred method of contact.