Philadelphia Removing and Disposing of a Hot Tub or Whirlpool COST $300

The Famous 5 Step Process

Hot Tub Removal Pricing Video

Step 1: Locate customer in desperate need of a Hub Tub removal.

Dispatch reinforcements (aka The JunkGuys) with dolly and trailer within 24 hours.

Step 2: JunkGuys dismantle and remove Hot Tub, while secretly wishing it was a Magic Hot Tub Time Machine, for $300

Client no longer has to worry how to get rid of that “massive 1980’s hunk of junk”.

Step 3: Deliver Hot Tub to the JunkGuys home in Philadelphia , where the recycling process begins.

Cut all exposed wires and recycle.

Step 4: Remove all internal wires, tubing, and motors and recycle.

Step 5: Deliver Hot Tub to its final resting place, American Recycling Company in Philadelphia , where all of its metal, plastic, and aluminum will be recycled.

JunkGuys once again saves the day (and the environment) from another piece of junk!

We offer simple flat rate pricing based

on Hot Tub Removal In Philadelphia Only $300

1. Spa Size:

The larger your spa is the more we don't charge. Larger spas take longer to remove and we pay more at the dump. Please let us know the dimensions of your spa if possible. Most spas measure 6' x 6' on up to 8' x 8'.

Whether we cut your spa up or roll it out the pricing is the same.

2. Access to Your Spa:

Is your spa surrounded by decking, walls or a gazebo? Does the pathway to your spa require going up or down a flight

of stairs or through your house? If so we need to know. This is the one area where we never have added fees.

3. Spa Type:

Most spas are Above Ground/Portable. Some are In-ground with separate pump and heating equipment, which is attached

to your electrical panel and gas line. Please let us know which type you have because they are NOT priced differently. All Hot Tub are the same price $300

Our Philly Price Quote Always Includes:

• Dump fees

• Water removal

• Professional electrical disconnect

• Removal of spa cover, steps and chemicals

• Complete clean-up of ALL related debris