Dumpster Enclosure Clean out

Other than dumpster enclosure clean ups what other services do we offer to small businesses Philadelphia .

  • Refrigerator and freezer removal $45
  • Hot tub and jacuzzi removal $300
  • Furniture removal $75-$125
  • Swingset and Trampoline removal $150-$400
  • Television removal $75
  • Oven and stove removal
  • Old clutter removal
  • Yard debris removal
  • Waste removal
  • Garbage removal
  • Contractor garbage and waste removal
  • Estate clean outs
  • Yard clean ups
  • Contractor assistance
  • Demolition
  • And much, much more!

Philadelphia Dumpster Enclosure Clean Out Service

Everywhere across the us most businesses have dumpsters that usually are located in the back of their building. Most of the times these dumpsters are used illegally by other people. Illegal dumpster dumping is a huge deal for most business owners , but not anymore Junkguys now offers dumpster enclosure clean outs in Philadelphia.

If your dumpster has been illegally filled with trash and junk that is not yours and the waste management company refuses to pick it up because its been over filled. Now you can give us a call our team will clean up your dumpster for you.

Philadelphia Dumpster Enclosure Clean Out Service

Is a huge deal for most small business owners , let us take care of your headaches. We will empty out your dumpster and get it back to shape .

Junkguys Philadelphia Small business Junk

Having a clean, well-kept dumpster enclosure will enhance the business image, and provide a healthy environment for your customers and employees.

At Junkguys Philadelphia we understand that, and to keep your organization at its best, we provide commercial dumpster enclosure cleaning services at the cheapest rates

Junkguys Cleaning uses the hardest working junk crews to be sure that your enclosure is cleaned properly. We help small businesses stay clean.

Real Benefits of our Junk Removal and Dumpster Enclosure Service Philadelphia

You can Chill out we do all the heavy lifting. We remove your trash from anywhere on your property without any extra cost. We do not require your trash or debris to be curbside like other junk losers. We can remove your trash, junk, or debris from any location at your site.

  • As much as 50% Less than those other fake junk companies
  • Free Estimate at anytime of day
  • Not a big box Franchise - Local JunkGuys
  • Honest , Cheap and Hardworking
  • We Recycle & Donate 75% of all trash

Philadelphia Dumpster Enclosure Clean out

A small task that is often overseen and under valued is to maintain dumpster enclosures. As a property manager, this is not only for your own peace of mind, but it encourages your tenants to do their part with site upkeep. When dumpster enclosures are not frequently monitored they can attract all kinds of rodents, scavengers , and illegal dumping


  • Having junk or debris scattered all over the place where dumpster enclosures are at has an awful effect not only to the rep of your business, but to the other small businesses around it also.
  • Unseen and non monitored dumpsters are very open to scavengers and animals
  • Always follow city regulations when it comes to dumpster enclosures so you won't be ticketed or fined.
  • Regular monitoring dumpster enclosures usually shows anyone trying to illegally dump that you keep this area frequently maintained.

When a property is trashed or an enclosure is a horrible mess, along with the nearby area , owners are less likely to make an any effort to get their trash or debris into the correct area. Checking your dumpster items and what things can go into each dumpster is very beneficial. We recommend putting signs to show what kind of items can be dumped.


As the commercial owner of any small or commercial business, your responsible for the look and maintenance of the dumpster site. It is often your responsibility to be sure your dumpster site is properly cleaned. This even includes the dumpster enclosure located on your property even though you don't own the dumpster.


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