Garage Clean Out

What other types of junk removal services do we offer in Philadelphia ?

  • Refrigerator and freezer removal
  • Hot tub and jacuzzi removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Swingset and Trampoline removal
  • Television removal
  • Oven and stove removal
  • Old clutter removal
  • Yard debris removal
  • Waste removal
  • Garbage removal
  • Contractor garbage and waste removal
  • Estate clean outs
  • Yard clean ups
  • Contractor assistance
  • Demolition
  • And much, much more!

Southwestern PA Garage Clean Out Service

It used to store your cars and protect them from the elements. It used to be your workshop where you could do your home projects. Now, it's just a place to throw all of the junk from the house and kids that you don't know what to do with. There's things in there that you haven't seen in decades. You want to clean it out and claim your garage back but the very thought causes anxiety and stress. Where do you even start and what do you do with all the junk? It's driving you crazy! Don't fret and get rid of that stress and anxiety. Hire someone to clean that garage out for you so you don't have to. Philadelphia

Through years of experience, we've seen pretty much everything which allows us to clean out your garage quickly and carefully while you just sit back, relax, and enjoy your garage again.

Langhorne Garage Cleanout

Bag it, box it or shovel it. That’s the approach JunkGuys takes when they are faced with a big job like a garage cleanout.JunkGuys has been hauling junk for close to ten years. In that time, they’ve perfected lifting and loading techniques that insure every job is handled fast and efficiently.

When you call Junkguys Philadelphia to schedule your removal appointment you’ll be asked about the level of garbage to be removed. Is this a fast job or a hoarder cleanup? If it’s a fast job, JunkGuys Philadelphia will send over a standard two-man moving crew. You’ll be asked to set aside a two-hour window for the job. This gives the crew enough travel time to get to your property from the previous gig. A fast job might also mean snagging a same-day appointment. Call during breakfast and your junk could be gone by lunch.

With the bigger hoarder type of garage cleanout, JunkGuys Philadelphia might redirect all available crews to your location. They still want to get the job done in a single trip and they means bring in the reinforcements. Along with those extra crews, you’ll also benefit from extra trucks. JunkGuys Philadelphia isn’t going to leave anything behind!

Before they show up, you’ll want to sort through your garage to set aside anything you want to keep. Bring those things into the house. As for everything else, just tell the crews that is all has to go and it will be gone!

JunkGuys has an extremely fair pricing policy that is based on volume. You’re only going to be charge a rate that is determined by an estimate of volume. That would be the volume of your junk on the back of the truck. With the big garage cleanouts that could mean a full truckload but you won’t be paying for any extra labor costs or dumping fees. If JunkGuys Philadelphia estimates that your stuff will only fill half a truck but it ends up taking up more space, you’ll still pay that original estimate.

As the JunkGuys Philadelphia crews are bagging, boxing or shoveling your junk they’ll be keeping an eye out for anything that can be recycled or donated. They’ll make sure those items get to the right drop off places. For a complete garage clean out handled the right way, JunkGuys is your best option.Philadelphia


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