Other Stuff

Graphic Design

I am an old school artist and during the early days of Covid I decided to delve into new technology, specifically vector graphics. My approach was incorporating hand drawing skills for the base for the graphics. I found a terrific program called Affinity Designer. It is inexpensive and most the features of more expensive programs.

This was challenging at first, however I advanced quickly and had a lot of fun.

It is Never to Late to Try Something New!


What's So Funny?

Some people ask: What's so funny? I say, life. The inspiration for many of these cartoons comes from ordinary situations or events. It's hard to explain what goes on in my brain. Images pop up in my imagination and I jot them down on paper.

I also get many ideas from family and friends. It's amazing, they look at some of

my drawings and it gets their humorous, creative juices flowing.

I Love Making Stuff Up

Have you always wanted to learn to create art? It is never to late.