Pathways Project

Did you ever go somewhere memorable and only had it fade from your mind or maybe you tried to capture that moment with photographs only to be disappointed that it didn’t grasp the drama or color? Maybe that place was transformative or was influential in your life path. I am experimenting with consolidating images from photos and my imagination to depict places where people have journeyed in their life. The great thing about painting is you can recreate or invent whatever you want.

Valiant Odyssey

This painting is from my new project. It is based on a memory of the county road my client first learned to drive as a youth. I included his first car, a 1963 Plymouth Valiant.

If you are interested in collaborating with me to create your Pathway story or learn to create your own art piece please contact me

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Pathways- pencil

These pencil techiques will be included in an upcoming art class later in 2020. Stayed tuned for more info.

Journey Artwork

The Artist Finds His Purpose

On my hero's journey I thought I found my purpose in life -- to create. So I started to to create meaningful art. My first leap out of commercial art is reflected in the images in this section. Telling my story was a very good start.

The Journey Continues


I learned it was the message from my art that was important -- Compassion.

Compassion for mysef, my fellow beings both human and animal.


We are all on a Journey

I encourage you to find your purpose in life. Try different things. Start out small, then think big!