Architectural Illustration

For over forty years I have done thousands of architectural illustrations. My clients were architects, builders, land developers, advertising agencies, major corporations and individuals. I produced exterior and interior illustrations of projects including single family homes ranging from small to huge, commercial developments, resorts, hotels, places of worship, restaurants and on and on.

Architectural Illustrations are powerful tools for design development, project approval, obtaining financing, and marketing.

The artwork I created was all done by hand which complements the intrinsic artistic quality of architectural design

These are samples of some of my favorite projects.

I have a great deal of practical experience in linear perspective which ensures the images to be proportionally accurate. In many cases I assisted with design as I saw elements that needed to be addressed when a project was viewed in 3D for the first time. I was very adept at working under tight deadlines while producing a quality finished product within a client's budget.

Architectural Quick Sketch

For Architects and Designers interested in having hand drawn design development illustrations.

Pencil Sketch of Your Home

You are proud of your beautiful home.

I can create an illustration you can proudly display in your living room or have printed on a greeting card or stationery. This makes a terrific gift as well. ​I work from a photograph or building plans.

Each finished illustration is drawn in pencil on bristol board, 11"x14" and matted ready for framing 16"x20"

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