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I have been drawing stuff since I could lift a crayon. As long as I can remember I’ve loved spending many hours creating adventures on paper from my imagination.

After a long career as a self- taught architectural illustrator and commercial artist I went through a life changing experience, reevaluating my purpose on earth. I shut down my business and moved to the mountains of North Carolina. Reconnecting with my soul has led me to my new calling as an inspirational artist and mentor.

The art I now create materializes from my continuing soul journey, deep personal spiritual experiences and personal stories from other fellow journeyers. I work with visuals directly from my imagination and sometimes from my dreams. In addition to my personal projects, I love collaborating with others to articulate meaningful events in their life. Living in the country close to nature inspires me on a daily basis.

My favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor, each lending distinct moods to a finished composition. Watercolor challenges me to be spontaneous and acrylic allows for the use of bold colors and more impact. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques as I evolve as an artist. I use symbolism in much of my art as emotions are not always tangible and metaphor can say a great deal.

I love to hear from you!