Jeremy Rigby is an award winning film and television writer who resides in Brisbane Australia. Jeremy has two works in pre-production: “An Infamous Cocktail Show” series two and “Solitude” short film. He also has a feature film “An Australian Memoir” in development. Jeremy is also in contract discussions with prominent Production companies in the USA in regards to his North Korean / Japanese spy thriller feature screenplay “NK Spy”. In addition, Jeremy has a reality show concept “Penny Pushers” under option with Spoon Entertainment America and in May 2017 had his self-produced and written award winning short film “An Afterlife” premiere at the Brazil International Film Festival where it also won best original screenplay. In 2015 he was a grand finalist for best foreign screenplay in the prestigious Fresh Voices International screenplay competition for his feature film screenplay “Genetic Warrior”.

Jeremy was born in 1969 to Australian parents in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shortly after his birth the family returned to Brisbane. As soon as Jeremy could ride a bicycle he discovered a passion for adventure. He spent his weekends traversing Brisbane looking for mounds of dirt he could jump and bigger and higher hills he could speed down. Somersaulting off out of control bicycles soon gave way to somersaulting on and falling off trampolines. In 1988 he captained the Australian Age Team at the World Age Titles in the U.S.A. where he placed second in his division. That year Jeremy performed in a gymnastic display team at World EXPO 88 in Brisbane. It was there that he realized a love for performance and along with two friends started a comedy acrobatic group called Splat.

In 1992 Jeremy left the World he knew and embarked on a working holiday to England and then Japan. Shortly after arriving in Japan he was introduced to a shopping centre event co-ordinator who was looking for foreign performers. Jeremy, having never performed solo, creatively conjured up images of the amazing characters he could perform and without sleep somehow survived his first solo performance that very weekend. Today he is one of Japan’s most liked and recognised Santa Claus performers and still performs yearly at one of Japan’s largest shopping centres. In Japan Jeremy shared the stage with many of the World’s top street entertainers who seemed to share one common factor in that they were all writing Hollywood blockbusters!

Without hesitation and with eyes wide open Jeremy started to write. After all, from a young age he spent most days after school filling notepads with lines. How hard could it be? With dollar signs firmly in sight Jeremy was confident Hollywood would be knocking on his door within months. It wasn’t long before Jeremy realized how wrong he was! He did not give up and let every knock back and non-reply give him resolve to someday become a successful writer. Jeremy continued to write and with the birth of the internet began to study and hone his writing skills from online material. This time in Japan allowed Jeremy to develop a truly unique and individual style of writing.

In 1995 Jeremy returned to Cairns where he began work as a Japanese speaking Tour Guide. It was in Cairns that Jeremy had his first success receiving a prestigious mentoring grant with Jock Blair through The Pacific Film and Television Commission to develop his then short film “An Australian Memoir”. Utilizing the Pacific Film and Television Commission contact data base Jeremy made contact with Carlos Alperin of Galloping Films who would end up optioning “Snakes or Ladders” reality show concept and “Fishing Boats” a feature film screenplay. This was also how Jeremy first contacted Janelle Evans who has gone on to option his short film screenplay “Solitude” and now feature film screenplay “An Australian Memoir”. In 2010 Jeremy returned to Brisbane and quickly jumped at the opportunity to produce his first television show “An Infamous Cocktail Show” written by himself for Digital 31.

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