The perfect Santa Claus costume is created from scratch and includes all the Christmas trimmings.

Official Santa Claus sleigh driver's license.
Santa Claus suit with real sheepskin trim.

Jeremy Rigby prides himself in creating a unique costume of the highest standard.

When Jeremy performs he truly becomes Santa and is not just a person hired to wear a store brought cheap and tacky costume. His Santa Claus suit is tailored made and trimmed with hand cut real sheepskin that is so soft and beautiful to touch.

His belt is hand made with an intricate solid brass buckle that is the most amazing belt people have ever seen.

Every two years a new suit is tailored made. The old suit is then for the next two years taken to each performance as a back up suit.

Jeremy also purchases a new beard every year so that his beard is always of the highest standard.

When Jeremy performs he always carries a beautiful SC oversized gold key. His SC Bank of North Pole credit cards and his official Sleigh Drivers License. When young or old need a little convincing this Santa Claus has all the right answers and stories that will leave everybody believing they have met the real Santa Claus.

Santa's bell. A beautiful bell that is over one hundred years old.

A costume is not complete without a bell. This bell is over one hundred years old and produces a strong but beautiful ring.