Jeremy Rigby is Japan's number one Japanese speaking Santa Claus performer. Yearly at Christmas Jeremy performs at Park Place Oita which is one of Japan's largest Shopping resorts. Any given Sunday 120,000+ people will visit, (many just to see a Santa Claus in Japan). As Santa Claus Jeremy has appeared in over fifty Japanese television shows and commercials including appearing live nation wide on NHK television on Christmas eve just prior to the national news. Jeremy Rigby may well be the only Japanese speaking Western Santa Claus in the World. If you would like to book the real man in red then look no further!

Santa Claus performing in Japan at Park Place shopping center.

For over twenty years Jeremy has been performing Santa in Japan firstly at Fukuoka Bayside Place then Canal City Hakata and since 2002 at Park Place shopping center Oita. As a Brisbane based professional Santa Claus performer, Jeremy Rigby has combined stage and screen talents to produce what has become one of Japanese peoples most loved and famous Santa Claus in Japan. For professional Santa Claus requirements look no further. Whilst Jeremy is not the real Santa Claus his professionalism will astound. People will have no doubts that they have seen just seen he real Santa Claus. For Santa Claus performances on television, television commercials, corporate events, films, radio and shopping center appearances look no further.

Santa Claus appearing in the Japan Times newspaper.

Jeremy Rigby is a trained actor based in Brisbane / Gold Coast Australia. He is confident acting in either English or Japanese in feature films, television commercials and live or recorded television. His experience includes acting in Japanese television commercials, on Japanese television shows, in Australian television commercials and in numerous films. Amazingly Jeremy is one of only a few professional foreign actors with Japanese filming experience. With an understanding of filming requirements he can also able to offer scouting, scripting and other organization services in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and other locations including Japan. For more information visit