Commissioned by the North End Children’s Theater in Tacoma, WA, these plays have been produced multiple times at community theaters, schools, churches, summer camps, libraries, and museums.

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Oregon Bound

Synopsis: Set on the Oregon Trail in the 1840's, this historical drama is based on the writings of actual pioneers. Two families, seeking a better life in the northwest, travel 2,000 miles in covered wagons, experiencing hardship and danger along the way. Their adventure is narrated by Clara, a city girl who reluctantly joins her relatives for the trip after becoming an orphan. Features five songs which were well-known in nineteenth-century America.

Cast: 8 M, 6 F (flexible)

The Mystery of the Missing Mummy

Synopsis: Teen detective Nancy Clew has achieved fame and fortune solving mysteries. But success has gone to her head and made her impossible to live with. To bring her down a peg, her friends, father, and faithful housekeeper plan a crime she can’t possibly figure out. Or can she?

Cast: 2 M, 4 F; 13 (flexible)

The Rematch of the Tortoise and the Hare

Synopsis: Parody of the summer Olympics set in ancient Greece. Clive the Hare was humiliated by Theodore the Tortoise at the All-Greece Games. Now their rematch is the most anticipated event of the Third Olympiad. Gods and goddesses, acting as sportscasters, get up close and personal with the athletes and their families. Of course, coverage of the race is frequently interrupted by ancient Greek commercials.

Cast: 14 - 30 (flexible)

The Case of the Grasshoppers vs. the Ants

Synopsis: The ants worked hard to gather provisions for the winter, including a precious chocolate cake crumb. Now it’s gone missing! A taut courtroom comedy featuring a variety of six-legged witnesses. Judge Gruesome, a grumpy spider, presides over the hysterical proceedings.

Cast: 5 M, 6 F (flexible)

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Synopsis: Lou Lou the shepherd girl longs to be in show business, and there’s only one way she can gather a crowd to show off her talent. The audience, aided by cue cards, plays the confused villagers. Multi-species silliness featuring humans, sheep, dogs and, of course, wolves.

Cast: 5 M, 8 F (flexible)