Initial Intake Session 90 minutes: $175

Psychotherapy Session 60 minutes: $125

Psychotherapy Session 45 minutes: $115

Somatic Experiencing® Sessions up to 75 minutes: $150

Somatic Experiencing® Sessions 75-90 minutes: $175

Sessions will typically wrap up with 10 minutes remaining to provide time for scheduling and collection of fees.

Payment Options

  • Cash, check, or money order

  • All major credit cards

  • Flex and HSA

For a variety of reasons I will no longer be accepting insurance pay clients. I will provide a super bill for clients who would like to make a claim with their insurance to attempt to receive reimbursement from your insurance company.

I find myself wanting to spend more time and energy providing client care and billing insurance companies takes away time and energy from my focus with clients. Insurance companies dictate the types of treatment I can provide, the frequency, and session length. Many people do not realize that insurance companies also require me to provide a diagnosis that is then on your medical record. This decision came after years of being uncomfortable with the process of being required to diagnose a client after only one visit and required to "prove" to insurance companies that a client's issues are severe enough to justify coverage.